THIRD ROUND - Bracket 38 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(38) 2000 Washington - 22
(550) 1987 South Carolina - 23
If you have been following this tournament, you have probably been waiting for a marquee upset to happen. There have been a few along the way (2000 Western Michigan over 1990 Notre Dame for instance), but this game marked the first loss by a team seeded in the top 64 overall.

Not only is 2000 Washington the first team favored to make it to the Bracket of Champions (the final 64 team bracket), but they got beat by a team that wasn't even supposed to be in this round.

Joe Morrison's Gamecocks, wearing the "Black Death" uniforms, took the field in the second round (I get goosebumps everytime I watch that video) with energy and confidence and parlayed that energy into an upset win over Colt McCoy and the '07 Longhorns. Nobody expected that run to continue in the third round against 2000 Washington.

Marques Tuiasosopo was a clutch quarterback that would find a way to win games despite their sub-par defense. But Rick Neuheisel's Huskies liked living on the edge, and it caught up to them in a big way here.

South Carolina was able to keep Tuiasosopo in the pocket thanks to the discipline of defensive linemen Roy Hart and Shed Diggs. They didn't compile any impressive statistics, but they took away Tuiasosopo's ability to improvise and stayed disciplined on the option. The Gamecocks forced Tuiasosopo to become a pocket passer, and he threw 2 interceptions as a result.

Offensively, Harold Green piled up 132 key yards on the ground, and punched in the game winner with 1:32 left in the game. How much farther can the Gamecocks go in this tournament? I hope they keep playing because I can't get enough of their 2001 Black Death entrance!

(294) 1993 Miami - 20
(219) 2003 Miami - 16
Larry Coker had the better talent, but Dennis Erickson's 1993 Miami team won the battle with a superior game plan and spot-on execution. Kellen Winslow was predictably upset after the game.

(166) 2004 Iowa - 23
(347) 2007 Oklahoma - 27
Another game another upset here in Bracket #38. Freshman Sam Bradford led the Sooners past the best Kirk Ferentz team in the bracket. The Iowa defense cracked down the stretch when the Sooners turned tailback Allen Patrick loose. Patrick picked up 63 yards in the fourth quarter alone, including a 31-yard touchdown run that saw him shed three tackles on his way to the game winning score.

(422) 1997 Ohio State - 20
(91) 1993 Nebraska - 24
1993 Nebraska finally put an end to the run of upsets in this bracket. It wasn't easy for the only favored team to advance, though. The Nebraska corners (Tyrone Williams, Barron Miles) locked down on Ohio State's talented receivers (David Boston, Dee miller), making this a ground-oriented game. The Nebraska offense struggled mightily in the first half, picking up just 87 yards and 4 first downs while entering the locker room down 13-3. But sophomore quarterback Tommie Frazier kicked the offense into gear in the second half. With Calvin Jones out of the game, hobbled by an ankle injury, and a freshman - Lawrence Phillips - taking over at I-Back, Frazier put the team on his shoulders by running for 87 yards and 2 touchdowns in the second half.

Bracket Semifinals:
(294) 1993 Miami vs (550) 1987 South Carolina
(91) 1993 Nebraska vs (347) 2007 Oklahoma

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 55 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(74) 1983 Miami - 21
(586) 1985 Georgia - 14
Miami delivered the knockout punch on the 1985 Georgia "Wonderdawgs". Tailback Willie McClendon found very little running room against a very good Miami defense. Bernie Kosar, wearing his #20 jersey, threw for all 3 Hurricane touchdowns, one each to Stanley Shakespeare, Albert Bentley, and Glenn Dennison. The Bulldogs couldn't muster another one of their trademark comebacks, and the result is a one-way ticket back to Athens.

(330) 1980 Michigan - 20
(183) 1998 Arizona - 21
The Michigan defense was great during the 1980 season, but they didn't ever face a balanced, dynamic offense like the one the 1998 Arizona team brought into this third round matchup. The Wolverines held their own for the most part, but it was easy to see them wear down over the course of the game. So when quarterback Ortege Jenkins scrambled for a 54-yard touchdown run in the middle of the fourth quarter to put Arizona up 21-20, it was all but over.

(202) 1985 Texas A&M - 18
(311) 1979 Texas - 16
This was another great rivalry matchup here in the Greatest Tournament of All Time. Jackie Sherrill's Aggies and Fred Akers' Longhorns each brought great defenses to the table. All America linebacker Johnny Holland paced the Wrecking Crew while All Americans Steve McMichael and Jonnie Johnson led Texas' stop unit. The difference in the game was that A&M brought a more dynamic offense (if only slightly). Aggie quarterback Kevin Murray was by no means Joe Montana, but he completed just enough passes (12-for-26 for 173 yards) to keep the Longhorn defense from crowding the line to stop the running game (Anthony Toney, Roger Vick, Keith Woodside). Texas quarterback Donnie Little couldn't do the same, which made it difficult for star tailback Jam Jones to pick up much running room. The Aggies added a safety to their total early in the third quarter that ended up being the deciding margin.

(458) 2005 Miami - 17
(55) 1992 Florida State - 27
One of Bobby Bowden's best teams managed to beat Larry Coker's athletic Miami team with relative ease to advance to the bracket semi-finals. The main key was holding Hurricane special teams whiz Devin Hester out of the end zone. That forced Kyle Wright and the offense to put together drives against a talented FSU defense (Derrick Brooks, Marvin Jones, Toddrick McIntosh, Clifton Abraham, Corey Sawyer), which wan't a successful proposition. Miami only ran for 47 yards in the game and Wright threw 2 interceptions in the loss.

But here's some memories of the '05 Canes looking good.

Bracket Semifinals:
(74) 1983 Miami vs (183) 1998 Arizona
(55) 1992 Florida State vs (202) 1985 Texas A&M

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 10 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(10) 2004 USC - 37
(503) 1998 Virginia - 17
A very good Virginia team was no match for the number 10 overall seed in the tournament. Linebacker Matt Grootegoed was all over the field, compiling 12 tackles - 5 for loss. He and Lofa Tatupu were the primary reasons the Virginia running game (Thomas Jones & Antwoine Womack) never got going.

(266) 1979 Nebraska - 27
(247) 1995 Kansas - 18
Kansas has a record of 2-30 over the 32 seasons this tournament spans (0-28 if you don't count the Callahan years) with an average score of 45-13. So if you thought that pattern was going to change here just because a good 1995 Glen Mason-coached Kansas team doesn't actually have to play the '95 Nebraska team that many feel is a favorite in this tournament - you would be wrong. The '79 Nebraska team knows how to beat Kansas too, and they did just that. The Kansas RB duo of June Henley and L.T. Levine were largely ineffective against the Nebraska defense.

(138) 1984 BYU - 24
(375) 1990 Florida - 23
Florida came up just short against the 1984 national champion BYU. Cougar QB Robbie Bosco came through in the clutch yet again with the game winning touchdown pass to Glen Kozlowski with just over 2 minutes remaining. The 1990 Florida team had a lot of talent (QB Shane Matthews, TE Kirk Kirkpatrick, RB Errict Rhett, WR Ernie Mills), but it was Steve Spurrier's first year as the head coach, so it was a team clearly in transition.

(394) 1985 Auburn - 21
(119) 1984 Florida - 24
Bo Jackson is good. But the 1984 Florida team seems to be settling in under new head coach Galen Hall, who took over for Charley Pell between the first and second rounds of this tournament after Pell stepped down among swirling rumors about NCAA violations. So even though Jackson ran for 183 yards and 3 touchdowns, Florida was about to shut out all of Auburn's other offensive options. Freshman quarterback Kerwin Bell also seems to be settling in as he played his first turnover-free game of the tournament. The three-headed monster in the backfield of Neal Anderson, John L. Williams, and Lorenzo Hampton split the load evenly, combining for 279 total yards rushing & receiving and 3 touchdowns.

The win by the Gators sets up a bracket semifinal matchup between the top two teams from the 1984 season. The winner will be able to claim they are the true national champion. In the mean time, check out how good Bo Jackson was in the 4th quarter of the Iron Bowl in 1985.

Bracket Semifinals:
(10) 2004 USC vs (266) 1979 Nebraska
(119) 1984 Florida vs (138) 1984 BYU


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 56 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(73) 1998 Ohio State - 30
(440) 2003 Tennessee - 16
A hail mary touchdown pass from Casey Clausen to James Banks just before halftime only delayed the inevitable for Tennessee. Ohio State dominated this game in every other aspect. Linebackers Andy Katzenmoyer and Na'il Diggs teamed up to shut down the Volunteer running game (Cedric Houston, Jabari Davis, Gerald Riggs Jr.), and Clausen was otherwise ineffective in the passing game. Michael Wiley ran for 137 yards and receiver David Boston matched him with 135 yards through the air in an easy win for the Buckeyes.

(329) 2001 Maryland - 24
(184) 1994 Florida - 34
Steve Spurrier's Fun 'N Gun offense piled up the yards and points against E.J. Henderson and Maryland on their way to the bracket semi-finals. Sophomore QB Danny Wuerffel threw for 302 yards and 3 touchdowns and RB Fred Taylor tacked on a score on the ground. Maryland piled up some yards as well - particularly running back Bruce Perry, who had 134 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns - but the Terps too often stalled in the red zone and failed to come up with points on three occasions that could have made the difference in the game.

(824) 2000 Western Michigan - 16
(312) 1993 Texas A&M - 23
The worst seed left in the tournament falls, leaving 2000 TCU (751 seed in Bracket #18) as the lowest remaining seed. A&M's Wrecking Crew defense (DL Sam Adams, CB Aaron Glenn) handled Jeff Welsh and the Western Michigan offense much better than the 1990 Notre Dame defense did in the second round. Rodney Thomas and Greg Hill teamed up for 137 yards on the ground for the Aggies as they advance past Gary Darnell's Broncos.

(457) 1989 Penn State - 16
(56) 2006 Louisville - 31
The score could have been much worse in this game were it not for a few mental mistakes on the part of Louisville. Bobby Petrino's best team in the field moved the ball at will against Joe Paterno's Nittany Lions, but four turnovers prevented them from scoring more points. Brian Brohm turned it over three times (2 INTs and a fumble), but still piled up 323 yards passing and 3 touchdowns on 14-for-29 attempts.

Bracket Semifinals:
(73) 1998 Ohio State vs (184) 1994 Florida
(56) 2006 Louisville vs (312) 1993 Texas A&M

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 9 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(9) 1986 Penn State - 27
(521) 1993 Colorado - 16
Penn State linebacker Shane Conlan spearheaded a defense that completely took away the Colorado running game (Lamont Warren & Rashaan Salaam). That left Kordell Stewart to make all the plays, and he wasn't up to the task today. Stewart threw 2 costly interceptions in the second half that the Nittany Lions turned into 10 points after being up only 17-16 at halftime.

(265) 1990 Florida State - 25
(248) 1998 Florida - 24
Florida couldn't beat the Seminoles in 1990 or in 1998, and they couldn't do it here in this tournament either. FSU cornerback Terrell Buckley locked up Florida's go-to receiver Travis McGriff, holding him to just two receptions and picking up an interception in the process. For Florida State, tailback Amp Lee avoided the wrath of Gator linebackers Jevon Kearse and Mike Peterson on his way to a big day - 150 total yards and 2 touchdowns.

(137) 1989 Auburn - 19
(376) 1987 Clemson - 15
Auburn's excellent defense managed to shut down a potent Clemson running game (Terry Allen, Wesley McFadden) en route to a hard fought third round victory. Donnell Woolford returned a punt for a touchdown early in the third quarter that seemed to give Clemson the momentum, but Auburn answered with their first touchdown of the game, a 34-yard touchdown pass from Reggie Slack to speedster Alexander Wright to take back the lead.

(393) 2002 Kansas State - 31
(120) 2006 Boise State - 26
Interestingly enough, these two teams share one big stat in common - both pulled huge post-season upsets against Oklahoma. But today it was Kansas State pulling off the "upset". Ell Roberson and Darren Sproles destroyed the Bronco defense, running for a combined 342 yards and 3 touchdowns. Roberson added a touchdown pass to Taco Wallace. Boise State fought hard to stay in the game, but their defense couldn't handle K-State's speed. Now that the 2006 Broncos are eliminated from the tournament, it can't hurt to take one last look at that 2007 Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma.

Bracket Semifinals:
(9) 1986 Penn State vs (265) 1990 Florida State
(137) 1989 Auburn vs (393) 2002 Kansas State

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 25 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(25) 1977 Penn State - 26
(488) 1977 Louisiana Tech - 13
The Penn State defensive line controlled most of the game, limiting Louisiana Tech tailback John Henry White to just 34 yards. Bruce Clark and Matt Millen did most of the damage, combining for 6 tackles for loss.

(281) 2008 Boise State - 21
(232) 1987 Michigan State - 16
Boise State freshman quarterback Kellen Moore played like a senior, navigating the Bronco offense to three impressive touchdown drives against Percy Snow and the heavily favored Spartans. The Boise State defense, an unsung unit during their successful 2008 campaign, actually manged to hold the potent MSU offense (Lorenzo White, Andre Rison, Tony Mandarich) to just 16 points and 274 yards.

(153) 1985 Alabama - 21
(360) 1982 West Virginia - 17
The Alabama defense held Jeff Hostetler and the West Virginia in check most of the game, and quarterback Mike Shula put together a touchdown drive in the fourth quarter against Darryl Talley and the Mountaineer defense to secure the victory for the Crimson Tide.

(409) 2003 Texas - 27
(104) 1996 Arizona State - 33
Cedric Benson ran for 153 yards and 3 touchdowns, but the Texas defense didn't have an answer for ASU quarterback Jake Plummer. Plummer threw 2 touchdown passes and ran 2 other scores as the Sun Devils piled up 513 yards of offense. Texas couldn't decide on a quarterback in the game, with Chance Mock and Vince Young rotating every few series.

Bracket Semifinals:
(25) 1977 Penn State vs (281) 2008 Boise State
(104) 1996 Arizona State vs (153) 1985 Alabama

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 40 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(89) 2006 USC - 24
(424) 2004 LSU - 17
This game featured a great 21st century coaching matchup with Pete Carroll taking on Nick Saban. Marcus Spears and the LSU defense played well against John David Booty and the USC offense, but the USC defense was even better. Keith Rivers picked up an Alley Broussard fumble and returned it for a touchdown in the second quarter just before halftime, and then Kevin Ellison picked off a Marcus Randall pass and returned it for a touchdown on the second play of the third quarter to flip the momentum for good.

(680) 1978 Michigan State - 23
(168) 1990 Washington - 30
Morten Andersen kicked 3 field goals for the Spartans and receiver Kirk Gibson had another good game, but it wasn't enough to knock of Don James' Huskies. This time, though, Washington's "Purple Reign" defense needed a little help from their offense. Mark Brunell threw for 222 yards and ran for another 56 to get the Huskies in scoring position where tailback Greg Lewis finished three drives with touchdowns.

(217) 1993 Penn State - 23
(296) 1977 Florida State - 21
This was just the second matchup (of what could be many) of Joe Paterno vs. Bobby Bowden in this tournament. Paterno is now 2-0 against Bowden with his '93 squad topping the '77 FSU squad in this third round game. FSU nose guard Ron Simmons helped lead the charge in shutting down PSU tailback Ki-Jana Carter, but emerging quarterback Kerry Collins picked up the slack by throwing touchdown passes to tight end Kyle Brady and tailback Mike Archie.

(552) 1983 Ohio State - 19
(40) 1981 Penn State - 28
Joe Paterno set up a bracket semi-final matchup with himself by beating Earle Bruce and the 1983 Buckeyes. Buckeye greats Keith Byars and Mike Tomczak get eliminated.

Bracket Semifinals:
(89) 2006 USC vs (168) 1990 Washington
(40) 1981 Penn State vs (217) 1993 Penn State

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 15 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(114) 1978 Oklahoma - 30
(399) 1998 Michigan - 17
Barry Switzer's 1978 Sooners are pretty good. Not only are they led by Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims, who ran for 133 yards and 2 touchdowns, they also feature a solid defense. Defensive linemen Reggie Kinlaw and Reggie Mathis led the way in pounding Michigan quarterback Tom Brady. The Sooners picked up 4 sacks on the day, and linebacker Daryl Hunt tossed in 13 tackles in containing Wolverine tailbacks Clarence Williams and Anthony Thomas.

(370) 1985 Ohio State - 19
(143) 2006 Michigan - 24

This is one of the biggest rivalries in the sport, so you know emotions were running high for this matchup. The 2006 Michigan squad took a little payback, thanks to an excellent defense. Morgan Trent picked off a Jim Karsatos pass intended for Cris Carter on the first drive of the game to set the tempo, and later recovered a John Wooldridge fumble (remember, Keith Byars is out for the tournament with a broken bone in his foot) and returned it for a touchdown. Offensively, Mike Hart carried the Wolverines with a gritty day, carrying 29 times for 143 yards and 2 touchdowns despite taking a pounding from Ohio State linebackers Pepper Johnson and Chris Spielman.

(242) 1989 Clemson - 23
(271) 1996 Virginia Tech - 20
Clemson rode their defense to yet another victory in The Greatest Tournament of All Time. Super sophomores Levon Kirkland and Rob Bodine led the charge against a Virginia Tech offense that featured quarterback, and future Memphis Maniax draft pick, Jim Druckenmiller, as well as tailbacks Ken Oxendine and Shyrone Stith. Offensively, running back Terry Allen paced Clemson with 79 yards and a touchdown.

(498) 1993 Virginia Tech - 16
(15) 1991 Miami - 31
Frank Beamer suffered more disapointment in the third round of Bracket 15, with yet another Hokie team suffering the elimination fate. This time it was at the hands of Dennis Erickson's national champion 1991 Miami team. Safety Darryl Williams picked off two Maurice DeShazo passes while Gino Torretta tood advantage of a young Virginia Tech defense by throwing for 299 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Bracket Semifinals:
(114) 1978 Oklahoma vs (143) 2006 Michigan
(15) 1991 Miami vs (242) 1989 Clemson


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 50 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(50) 1979 USC - 24
(463) 2004 Florida State - 13
The Florida State defense loaded up to try and stop USC's wonder-backfield of Charles White and Marcus Allen, so Quarterback Paul McDonald simply beat the 'Noles with his arm. Florida State's speedy linebackers Ernie Sims, Buster Davis, and A.J. Nicholson actually had success slowing down White and Allen, but McDonald threw for 256 yards and 2 touchdowns to propel the Trojans into the bracket semi-finals. The Trojan defense also chipped in 3 interceptions of FSU quarterback Wyatt Sexton. The USC band couldn't make it to the game because they were too busy taping a segment for Solid Gold.

(306) 1978 Nebraska - 23
(207) 1980 Notre Dame - 20
Tom Osborne out-dueled Den Devine to send yet another Nebraska team into the next round. Andra Franklin was the secret weapon for the Huskers. The big fullback ran just six times, but he piled up 76 yards and, more importantly, picked up a first down on all six of his touches. Tight end Junior Miller added a touchdown pass and Nebraska worked to negate the huge advantage Notre Dame had at linebacker in All American Bob Crable.

(178) 1999 Virginia Tech - 24
(335) 2008 TCU - 20
This game was supposed to be a Hokie rout. But Gary Patterson's defense found a way to corral Michael Vick and that kept the Frogs in this game from start to finish. TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes and linebacker Stephen Hodge managed to keep Vick in the pocket with their athleticism, holding Vick to just 21 yards rushing. Unfortunately for the Horned Frogs, Corey Moore and John Engelberger did not allow Andy Dalton and the TCU offense to do much of anything either. So when Vick hit Andre Davis for a 63-yard touchdown pass late in the third quarter it gave the Hokies a 21-20 lead they would never relinquish.

(591) 1999 Oregon - 16
(79) 1980 Penn State - 27
Joe Paterno's defense held an excellent Oregon running game in check as the Nittany Lions advanced another team past the third round. Reuben Droughns and Herman Ho-Ching ran for a combined 89 yards, and quarterbacks A.J. Feeley and Joe Harrington couldn't pick up the slack. PSU corners Grover Edwards and Paul Lankford each came up with interceptions, and tailback Curt Warner ran for 77 yards and 2 touchdowns. There was even a Jeff Hostetler sighting late in the game as Paterno played some of his backups. Hostetler later transfered to West Virginia where he went on to a successful career.

Bracket Semifinals:
(50) 1979 USC vs (306) 1978 Nebraska
(79) 1980 Penn State vs (178) 1999 Virginia Tech


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 58 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(58) 1985 Michigan - 24
(455) 2006 BYU - 16
Jim Harbaugh was his usual gritty self, and Mark Hammerstein and the Michigan defense shut down Bronco Mendenhall's BYU offense. Beastly Cougar running backs Curtis Brown and Fui Vakapuna only managed 76 yards on the ground thanks to the stellar play of defensive linemen Hammerstein and Mark Messner. Harbaugh threw 2 touchdown passes and Jamie Morris added another score to go along with 84 yards rushing.

Here are some highlights from BYU's successful 2006 season. I would like to know who that is screaming in the background on the Utah highlight at about the 5:25 mark?

(314) 1993 Arizona - 20
(199) 2000 Nebraska - 28
It was tough going for Frank Solich's option offense against the Desert Swarm defense (Rob Waldrop, Tedy Bruschi, Tony Bouie) in the early going, but Eric Crouch completed some passes over the top, including touchdowns to Matt Davison and Tracey Wistrom, that opened things up in the running game. Nebraska's defense didn't have too much trouble with the Arizona offense, holding the quarterback duo of Dan White and Chuck Levy to just 143 total yards of offense.

(186) 1989 Michigan - 29
(698) 1998 Syracuse - 25
A Michigan defensive stand in the red zone in the final minute prevented Syracuse from reliving a Donovan McNabb miracle and enabled the Wolverines to advance to the bracket semi-finals. After watching his running game (Tony Boles & Leroy Hoard) held to just 33 yards in the first half by Syracuse LBs Marlon Greenwood and Keith Bulluck, Bo Schembechler made the gutsy call to bring in freshman quarterback Elvis Grbac to start the second half. It turned out to be a game winning decision. Grbac immediately led two touchdown drives to give Michigan their first lead of the game late in the third quarter. When Tripp Welborne intercepted a McNabb pass in the end zone on 4th and goal with just 5 seconds to play, it sealed a hard fought victory for the Wolverines.

A lot of young talent on this Michigan team. "Brother, we played a great football game."

(442) 2005 Wisconsin - 17
(71) 1979 Pittsburgh - 26
The 2005 Wisconsin Badgers liked to live on the edge, winning games against Minnesota and Michigan that season with touchdowns in the last 30 seconds, but Jackie Sherrill's Pitt Panthers put the game away early and didn't allow Wisconsin to get back in it. Dazzling Badger back Brian Calhoun got his yards, but the Pitt defense, led by linemen Hugh Green, Rickey Jackson, and Bill Neill, made sure he didn't reach the end zone or the first down marker without a fight. Eventually all the hits took a toll on Calhoun and he became a non-factor by the middle of the third quarter. Tailback Rooster Jones and the running game had a productive day, which kept the pressure off freshman quarterback Dan Marino.

Bracket Semifinals:
(58) 1985 Michigan vs (199) 2000 Nebraska
(71) 1979 Pittsburgh vs (186) 1989 Michigan


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 5 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(5) 1999 Florida State - 33
(508) 1996 Miami - 19
Miami quarterback Ryan Clement felt the wrath of the Seminole defensive line, and Peter Warrick returned yet another punt for a touchdown as Florida State cruised. Corey Simon had 4 tackles for loss in the game for the 'Noles. Yatil Green was the lone bright spot for Miami, turning his 3 receptions into 99 yards and a touchdown.

(261) 1982 Washington - 22
(252) 1999 Penn State - 24
On a cruicial third down and short late in the ball game, Washington quarterback Steve Pelluer turned to hand off to Jacque Robinson when LaVar Arrington leapt over the line of scrimmage to blow the play up, securing a Penn State victory. The win sets up a bracket semifinal matchup between the preseason #1 and #2 ranked teams prior to the 1999 season - Florida State and Penn State. Both were on a collision course to meet in the national title game until Penn State imploded, losing their last 3 regular season games.

(133) 1995 Toledo - 26
(380) 1987 Notre Dame - 25
Just when everybody thought it was time to kick Gary Pinkel's 1995 Toledo out of the tournament, they staged a fantastic 4th quarter comeback to stay alive. Notre Dame jumped out to an early 14-0 lead on a Tony Rice touchdown run and a Tim Brown punt return for touchdown. But in the second half the Notre Dame defense, as it seemed to do all tournament long, started to crumble. Despite trailing the entire game, Pinkel never gave up on his running game. Wasean Tait's 3 yard runs started turning into 9 yard runs, and all of a sudden Toledo had scored a touchdown and converted a 2 point conversion. A defensive stop later and the Rockets had the ball with 5 minutes and a chance to tie or win. Quarterback Ryan Huzjak looked like Joe Montana on the final drive, completing all five of his passes, including a 23-yard touchdown pass to Steve Rossi. And with all the momentum in the world, Pinkel made the call to go for 2 and the win. Tait took a screen pass from Huzjak, juked a defender and took it into the end zone, capping a miracle come-from-behind victory.

It never hurts to check out some more excellent Tim Brown highlights before the '87 Irish go.

(389) 2006 California - 18
(124) 1980 North Carolina - 23
It was a fantastic matchup on paper featuring Cal tailback Marshawn Lynch running against North Carolina linebacker Lawrence Taylor. It turned out to be a defensive struggle, giving UNC the edge. Taylor ended up wreaking more havoc on Cal quarterback Nate Longshore than he did Lynch, forcing the sophomore QB into 3 bad interceptions. Jeff Tedford's 2006 Cal Bears get sent out with possibly the worst song of all time in their highlight video.

Bracket Semifinals:
(5) 1999 Florida State vs (252) 1999 Penn State
(124) 1980 North Carolina vs (133) 1995 Toledo


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 60 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(69) 1995 Tennessee - 27
(444) 1996 Kansas State - 20
Kansas State answered every Tennessee score until sophomore Peyton Manning found Joey Kent on a 47-yard touchdown pass late in the third quarter to give the Vols a 27-20 lead. Then the defenses buckled up and started playing. Freshman linebacker Al Wilson provided a spark off the bench and the Vols didn't allow Brian Kavanaugh and the K-State offense another point the rest of the way.

(325) 1981 North Carolina - 16
(188) 1980 Nebraska - 27
North Carolina tailbacks Kelvin Bryant and Tyrone Anthony were held in check by the Blackshirts, while Jarvis Redwine ran for 119 yards and 2 touchdowns for the Huskers.

(197) 1980 Oklahoma - 23
(316) 2007 Ohio State - 29 (OT)
Barry Switzer's wishbone attack stalled in overtime when Ohio State defensive end Vernon Gholston took over. Gholston hammered OU quarterback J.C. Watts on three straight option runs, and then blocked the field goal attempt.

(453) 1981 BYU - 23
(60) 2002 Georgia - 29
The Georgia defense took apart Jim McMahon and the BYU offense like Classic Coke vs New Coke. The speed of players like LB Boss Bailey and the quickness of interior lineman Jonathan Sullivan disrupted McMahon's rhythm and forced him into several mistakes. Offensively Musa Smith topped the century mark on the ground which allowed David Greene to throw a 65-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Terrence Edwards and ensure the Bulldog victory.

Bracket Semifinals:
(69) 1995 Tennessee vs (188) 1980 Nebraska
(60) 2002 Georgia vs (316) 2007 Ohio State

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 7 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(122) 1982 UCLA - 30
(634) 1994 Tennessee - 24
QB Tom Ramsey threw for 256 yards and 3 touchdowns for the Bruins as they fought off a second half comeback attempt by freshman QB Peyton Manning. After a rough first half that saw the Vols down 20-0 at halftime, Manning got things kick started in the second half by firing to WR Joey Kent early and often. But the Vols came up short when linebacker Blanchard Montgomery stopped James Stewart on 4th and short near midfield with 1:31 to play.

(378) 1984 USC - 13
(135) 1981 Miami - 18
Howard Schnellenberger's Miami defense held Ted Tollner's USC offense to just 154 yards and scored just enough points to advance past the third round. USC tailback Fred Crutcher only managed 53 yards. For Miami, quarterback Jim Kelly had a mediocre day throwing the ball (12-of-25 for 169 yards), but his touchdown pass to Mike Rodrigue was all the 'Canes needed.

(250) 1982 Clemson - 20
(263) 1992 Syracuse - 19
Clemson got off to a very slow start, but rallied late to beat Paul Pasqualoni's Syracuse Orangemen. Marvin Graves threw for 143 yards and rushed for 43 yards in the first half alone as Syracuse compiled a 17-3 halftime lead against a solid Clemson defense. The Tiger offense got going in the second half, though, with Cliff Austin and Chuck McSwain leading the way on the ground. When safety Terry Kinard picked off a pass from Graves and took it 54 yards down to the 4 yard line with just over 2 minutes remaining, it set up the game winning touchdown plunge by McSwain.

(506) 1983 Iowa - 13
(7) 1987 Miami - 28
Jimmy Johnson's Miami defense did a number on Chuck Long and the Iowa offense. Defensive ends Daniel Stubbs and Bill Hawkins led the charge on Long, with the Hurricanes piling up 7 sacks as a team. Meanwhile Michael Irvin caught two touchdown passes and Cleveland Gary added another as Miami cruised into the bracket semifinals.

Bracket Semifinals:
(122) 1982 UCLA vs (135) 1981 Miami
(7) 1987 Miami vs (250) 1982 Clemson


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 39 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(90) 1979 Alabama - 23
(423) 1986 Ohio State - 13
Bear Bryant's defense rides again. Cornerback Don McNeal and the rest of the Crimson Tide secondary locked down on Ohio State's All American receiver Cris Carter. Linebacker Thomas Boyd also racked up the tackles while holding Buckeye tailback Vince Workman to just 38 yards.

(346) 2008 Georgia - 21
(167) 2003 Oklahoma - 36
Georgia tailback Knowshon Moreno got his yards (132 yards, 2 touchdowns), but the Bulldogs were let down by their defense against Heisman Trophy winner Jason White and the Sooners. White threw for 345 yards and 3 touchdowns, 2 of which went to Mark Clayton.

(218) 1981 SMU - 30
(295) 1995 Florida State - 34
This may have been an upset according to seed, but in no real way was this an upset. The FSU defense wasn't great in allowing QB Lance McIlhenny and TB Eric Dickerson to each run for over 100 yards, but they have the talent (Reinard Wilson, Andre Wadsworth, Sam Cowart, Darryl Bush, Samari Rolle) to make the Bracket 39 final. Instead it was Warrick Dunn and the Seminole offense carrying the team. Dunn had 68 yards and a touchdown receiving to go along with his 75 yards rushing. WR Andre Cooper had a big day with 9 receptions for 156 yards and 2 touchdowns.

(551) 2008 Pittsburgh - 15
(39) 1981 Clemson - 26
All American linebacker Jeff Davis and the Clemson defense shut down LeSean McCoy and the Pitt offense. Perry Tuttle added an 82-yard touchdown reception from Homer Jordan to add some spice to an otherwise workmanlike effort by the Tigers.

Bracket Semifinals:
(90) 1979 Alabama vs (167) 2003 Oklahoma
(39) 1981 Clemson vs (295) 1995 Florida State

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 26 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(26) 1997 Nebraska - 37
(487) 1995 USC - 19
Scott Frost and Nebraska powered by Keyshawn Johnson and USC in this third round matchup. QB Kyle Wacholtz brought USC back from a fourth quarter deficit in the second round against 1984 LSU, but he couldn't do the same against the Huskers. Frost and I-Back Ahman Green paced a Nebraska rushing attack that produced 389 yards on the ground.

(282) 2005 LSU - 23
(231) 1980 USC - 27 (2 OT)
JaMarcus Russell and LSU couldn't put the ball in the end zone in either overtime period against Ronnie Lott and the USC defense. Marcus Allen, who piled up 199 total yards in the game, took a pitch from QB Gordon Adams and took it 21 yards in the second overtime to secure the win for USC.

(154) 1979 BYU - 27
(359) 1980 UCLA - 17
BYU quarterback Marc Wilson threw for 279 yards and 3 touchdowns, despite solid defense by UCLA corner Kenny Easley. The BYU defense was also successful at containing UCLA tailback Freeman McNeil (23 carries for 68 yards).

(410) 1982 Arkansas - 16
(103) 1992 Miami - 21
Lou Holtz, as he has been known to do, had his Razorbacks up for the Hurricanes. Unfortunately for Holtz, though, Gary Anderson and the offense never got it going against a loaded Dennis Erickson defense. Linebackers Darrin Smith, Michael Barrow, and Jessie Armstead led the way in shutting down the Arkansas ground game. Arkansas defensive linemen Billy Ray Smith and Earl Buckingham were productive in the trenches and hit 'Cane quarterback Gino Torretta a number of times. But Miami was still able to find the end zone three times - enough to advance to the next round.

Bracket Semifinals:
(26) 1997 Nebraska vs (231) 1980 USC
(103) 1992 Miami vs (154) 1979 BYU

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 12 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(117) 2005 Ohio State - 30
(396) 2002 Washington State - 19
Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr. couldn't be touched as they piled up the yards and touchdowns against Wazzu. And much like the 2002 matchup between these teams, Jason Gesser and the WSU offense never really got going.

(373) 1998 Penn State - 17
(140) 1983 Florida - 20
In a tight contest that featured great linebackers on both squads (LaVar Arrington and Brandon Short for Penn State and Wilber Marshall for Florida), the lone bright spot on offense was Florida QB Wayne Peace. Peace threw for 211 yards and 2 touchdowns. RB Eric McCoo provided the lone highlight for the Penn State offense with this amazing bounce pass to himself.

(245) 2004 California - 34
(268) 2004 Arizona State - 23
In a remath, Cal once again routed Arizona State to advance. J.J. Arrington ran for 187 yards and 2 touchdowns, and Marshawn Lynch added 101 yards and a touchdown. Dirk Koetter's ASU offense never got going because his O-Line couldn't block Cal's solid D-Line (Lorenzo Alexander, Brandon Mebane, Ryan Riddle). QB Ryan Walter was sacked 5 times, which negated the impact of playmakers WR Derek Hagan and TE Zach Miller.

(524) 2006 Boston College - 16
(12) 1989 Notre Dame - 29
Rocket Ismail returned two kickoffs for touchdowns and Tony Rice accounted for 334 yards of total offense as Notre Dame easily got by Matt Ryan and BC.

Bracket Semifinals:
(117) 2005 Ohio State vs (140) 1983 Florida
(12) 1989 Notre Dame vs (245) 2004 California


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 53 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(53) 2005 USC - 37
(565) 1996 Notre Dame - 26
Matt Leinart and the USC Trojans didn't need a last minute touchdown drive to beat the Irish this time around. Lou Holtz didn't have an answer on defense for the four-headed monster of Leinart, Reggie Bush, LenDale White, and Dwayne Jarrett. Notre Dame tailback Autry Denson was held to just 48 yards, but Ron Powlus threw for 311 yards and 3 touchdowns.

(309) 2007 Virginia Tech - 23
(204) 2000 Florida - 26
Steve Spurrier and his two quarterbacks (Rex Grossman and Jesse Palmer) got the best of Frank Beamer and his two quarterbacks (Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor) in this third round matchup.

Why do Explosions in the Sky and football go so well together?

(181) 1977 Arkansas - 28
(332) 2004 Tennessee - 16
Another Lou Holtz team played a third round game in Bracket 53, but this team provided a different result. Quarterback Ron Calcagni and the Razorback offense didn't have much trouble moving the ball on the ground against an under-achieving Tennessee defense.

(437) 1992 Hawaii - 23
(76) 1993 Auburn - 31
It's Aubie time! The Auburn mascot had plenty to celebrate as Terry Bowden's '93 squad advanced past the third round with relative ease. Brian Robinson and the Tiger defense contained the Hawaii option offense and James Bostick and Stephen Davis paced the Auburn offense. The 'Bows added a couple scores late in the fourth quarter to make the score look closer than it actually was.

Bracket Semifinals:
(53) 2005 USC vs (204) 2000 Florida
(76) 1993 Auburn vs (181) 1977 Arkansas

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 21 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(21) 1991 Washington - 35
(533) 1986 Texas A&M - 13
After a relatively slow start, Washington exploded out of the gate in the second half. The Huskies scored touchdowns on each of their first four drives of the second half to put away the pesky Aggies for good. Running back Jay Barry scored two of the touchdowns, and Beno Bryant and Mario Bailey scored the other two. Steve Emtman was mostly responsible for shutting down the A&M offense. Tight end Rod Bernstine (8 receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown) was the only Aggie to put up any significant numbers on offense.

(277) 1988 Auburn - 21
(236) 1991 Syracuse - 14
It's off to the State Fair for the Orangemen. The Auburn defense, apart from a 63-yard touchdown run by Qadry Ismail on a reverse, was stellar. Outland Trophy winner Tracy Rocker, along with linebackers Smokey Hodge and Quentin Riggins held Marvin Graves and the rest of the Syracuse offense to just 132 total yards of offense.

(149) 1990 Texas - 21
(364) 1991 Texas A&M - 23
Bucky Richardson led the A&M on a two minute drive that led to the game winning field goal as time expired as the Aggies slipped by their hated rival Longhorns. Quarterback Peter Gardere played a solid game, finding the Cash twins (Keith and Kerry) in tight coverage on four third down conversions. But the Texas defense let them down in the fourth quarter. Chalk up another win for R.C. Slocum, who sent David McWilliams and the '90 Longhorns packing.

(405) 2003 Iowa - 27
(108) 2008 Oklahoma - 38
Even the excellent 2003 Iowa defense couldn't stop the 2008 Oklahoma offensive juggernaut. Breaking news: Matt Roth only got to quarterback Sam Bradford once and accumulated just 2 tackles. Safety Bob Sanders had a couple of big hits in the game, but he couldn't be everywhere at once. The Oklahoma defense showed it's weaknesses again, though. Nate Chandler opened up the Iowa offense by throwing for 101 yards in the first quarter. Then Fred Russell broke free for 54 yards and a touchdown in the second quarter. But ultimately the Hawkeyes couldn't keep up with the Sooners potent offense.

And now a short movie about the 2003 Iowa squad.

Bracket Semifinals:
(21) 1991 Washington vs (277) 1988 Auburn
(108) 2008 Oklahoma vs (364) 1991 Texas A&M


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 44 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(85) 1985 Penn State - 22
(597) 1998 Missouri - 18
Corby Jones and the Tigers fought hard in this battle with 1985 Penn State, but D.J. Dozier punched in a touchdown from two yards out with just over a minute to play to send the Nittany Lions into the next round. Defense was the story of the day as Mizzou's Justin Smith sacked quarterback John Shaffer 3 times and Penn State's Shane Conlan led the way in holding Devin West to just 44 yards rushing.

(341) 1984 Boston College - 21
(172) 1979 Ohio State - 31
Heisman winner Doug Flutie used up his miracle throw in the last round to beat 2004 Ohio State, so BC was just about out of gas when they faced the '79 Buckeyes. Tailback Calvin Murray rushed for 120 yards and 2 touchdowns for Ohio State, and Art Schlichter found Doug Donley for a 72-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the second half the put the game out of reach, even for the high scoring BC offense.

(213) 1982 SMU - 28
(300) 1998 Georgia Tech - 24
The Goldfellas were out in full force for this third round matchup to root on Joe Hamilton and the Yellow Jackets. But the Ramblin' Wreck couldn't contain Bobby Collins' Pony Express running game. Eric Dickerson ran for 160 yards and Craig James added 64 yards.

(469) 1992 Nebraska - 27
(44) 2000 Virginia Tech - 33
In a highly anticipated matchup featuring two of the most athletic quarterbacks to ever play college football, Michael Vick and Virginia Tech got just a little more help from their defense than Tommie Frazier and Nebraska got from the Blackshirts. Frazier executed the option to perfection and even hit a couple of long play action passes. But it was Bud Foster's Hokie defense holding Husker I-Backs Calvin Jones and Derek Brown to a combined 108 yards that made the difference. Michael Vick matched Tommie Frazier big play for big play, compiling 123 yards rushing and 221 yards passing and leading Virginia Tech on a game winning 12-play touchdown drive that gave the Hokies the lead for good with just under a minute to play.

Michael Vick was so unstoppable in college.

Bracket Semifinals:
(85) 1985 Penn State vs (172) 1979 Ohio State
(44) 2000 Virginia Tech vs (213) 1982 SMU

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 32 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(97) 1977 Texas - 28
(609) 1980 South Carolina - 17
In the first of two matchups in this bracket featuring Heisman Trophy winners on each team, Texas' Earl Campbell out-dueled South Carolina's George Rogers. Longhorn defensive linemen Brad Shearer and Steve McMichael batted around the undersized Gamecock offensive line and managed to hold Rogers under 100 yards rushing (barely - Rogers had 93 yards). On the other side of the ball Campbell abused SoCar linebackers Ed Baxley and Walt Kater, acumulating 145 yards and 3 touchdowns on 34 attempts.

(353) 2001 Washington State - 20
(160) 2005 Virginia Tech - 30
The Washington State defense couldn't stop a Virginia Tech running game that piled up 334 rushing yards on their way to advancing to the Bracket 32 semi-finals. Tech tailbacks Cedric Humes, Branden Ore, and Mike Imoh combined to rush for 236 yards, and quarterback Marcus Vick added 64 yards and a touchdown run of his own. WSU quarterback Jason Gesser ran the ball a lot too, but it was mostly out of necessity and not by design. Physical Hokie corner manhandled WR Nakoa McElrath all day, which gave pass rush specialist Darryl Tapp plenty of time to get after Gesser. Tapp only had 1 sack on the day, but he hurried the Wazzu quarterback on many occasions.

(225) 2006 West Virginia - 23
(288) 1978 Michigan - 26
The speedy West Virginia offense (QB Pat White, RB Steve Slaton, WRs Darius Reynaud & Brandon Myles) had a hard time running the ball against Michigan's physical defense. But the WVU defense had an even more difficult time handling Michigan quarterback Rick Leach. Leach accounted for all 3 Michigan touchdowns with 74 yards and 2 touchdowns rushing to go along with 145 yards and a touchdown through the air. Steve Slaton, however, never go loose. Michigan linebacker Ron Simpkins led the charge in holding Slaton to just 34 yards rushing and 2 fumbles.

(481) 1989 Houston - 23
(32) 1993 Florida State - 35
The other game in this bracket to feature two Heisman Trophy winners also turned into an easy win for the favorite. Florida State's Heisman winner Charlie Ward was outstanding against the Cougars, piling up 313 yards and 4 touchdowns through the air. Kez McCorvey was the prime benefactor, with 187 yards and 2 touchdowns. Houston Heisman winner Andre Ware didn't fare as well. In fact, Jack Pardee's run-n-shoot offense, also featuring WR Manny Hazard, RB Chuck Weatherspoon, and Kimble Anders, was no match for the stacked Seminole defense. The 'Noles sacked Ware 7 times and held Houston to minus-54 yards rushing!

Bracket Semifinals:
(97) 1977 Texas vs (160) 2005 Virginia Tech
(32) 1993 Florida State vs (288) 1978 Michigan


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 33 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(33) 2000 Miami - 30
(545) 1977 Ohio State - 17
Santana Moss returned a punt 74 yards for a touchdown and Ken Dorsey played an efficient game as the loaded Hurricanes eased past Woody Hayes and the Buckeyes in the Bracket 33 semi-finals.

(289) 1998 Kansas State - 37
(224) 1997 Washington State - 27
Michael Bishop and David Allen played a big role in knocking off Ryan Leaf's Cougars in this third round matchup. Allen had a remarkable 93-yard punt return for touchdown and Bishop made a few highlight reel caliber plays of his own in this shootout.

(161) 1995 Ohio State - 27
(352) 1983 West Virginia - 20
West Virginia was able to run the ball on the Buckeyes, but the Buckeyes had too much speed for the Mountaineer defense. WVU backs Tom Gray, Ron Wolfley, Pat Randolph, and quarterback Jeff Hostetler all tallied at least 50 rushing yards. Speedster Terry Glenn caught two touchdown passes and Buster Tillman added 78 crucial receiving yards.

(608) 1999 Southern Miss - 12
(96) 1986 Oklahoma - 33
A surprisingly solid, Jeff Bower-led Southern Miss team finally met their match in the '86 Sooners. Featuring playmakers like RB Derrick Nix, DE Adalius Thomas, LB T.J. Slaughter, and WRs Sherrod Gideon & Todd Pinkston, the Golden Eagles made an improbable run into the Final 512 of this tournament. But Barry Switzer's wishbone attack and Brian Bosworth-led defense dominated from start to finish.

Bracket Semifinals:
(33) 2000 Miami vs (289) 1998 Kansas State
(96) 1986 Oklahoma vs (161) 1995 Ohio State

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 64 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(65) 1982 Georgia - 27
(448) 1993 UCLA - 20
Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker caught 2 touchdown passes against a talented UCLA defense featuring linebackers Jamir Miller and Donnie Edwards to help 1982 Georgia advance. Dangerous Bruin wideout J.J. Stokes was largely held in check by Terry Hoage and the rest of the Bulldog secondary, leaving quarterback Wayne Cook without many other options in the passing game.

(321) 1990 Penn State - 16
(192) 1978 Clemson - 22
Craig Fayak kicked 3 field goals for the Nittany Lions, but there was little else to cheer about for Penn State fans. Quarterback Steve Fuller executed the Clemson offense to perfection, completing 7-of-9 passes for 165 yards, and rushed for another 51 yards. Speedy receiver Jerry Butler made the play of the day by taking a short pass from Fuller 88 yards for a touchdown (check out the end zone celebration in the video at about the 1:20 mark!). QB Tony Sacca didn't have near as much success for Penn State. Sacca was just 6-for-20 passing and had 2 turnovers.

(193) 2004 Boise State - 35
(320) 2005 Oklahoma - 24
Unlike the 2007 Fiesta Bowl that matched these two schools in one of the most thrilling bowl games of all time, this game was decided early on. Running back Lee Marks gave Boise State a 14-0 first quarter lead with touchdown runs of 34 and 64 yards on the first two Bronco possessions, and they never looked back. The Boise State offense accumulated nearly 500 yards against the Sooners rebuilding defense. OU quarterback Rhett Bomar, always a class act, was miserable in the game, running the ball a remarkable 20 times for just 33 yards. He also had two costly fumbles. Stud tailback Adrian Peterson, much like the '07 Fiesta Bowl, didn't get the ball enough, mostly because Bomar was a ball hog running the option. Peterson finished with just 13 carries, but tallied 86 yards and 2 touchdowns before leaving with an undisclosed injury late in the third quarter.

(576) 2000 Wisconsin - 17
(64) 1994 Florida State - 35
A good Wisconsin team was no match for 1994 Florida State. Despite having a talented, balanced offense (QB Brooks Bollinger, speedy TB Michael Bennett, WRs Chris Chambers & Lee Evans), Wisconsin couldn't sustain any drives. Derrick Alexander and the loaded 'Nole defense saw to it that every Badger who touched the ball got hit hard. Offensively, FSU didn't blink at Badger talents like DT Wendell Bryant and All American CB Jamar Fletcher. QB Danny Kanell and RB Warrick Dunn simply marched up and down the field, scoring 5 touchdowns.

Bracket Semifinals:
(65) 1982 Georgia vs (192) 1978 Clemson
(64) 1994 Florida State vs (193) 2004 Boise State

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 1 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(1) 1983 Auburn - 23
(513) 1985 Nebraska - 17
A game many thought might be a major road block for the #1 overall seed in the tournament ended up being a relatively easy win. Bo Jackson took a toss 71-yards for a touchdown early in the second half to break a 7-7 tie, and Quency Williams tackled quarterback McCathorn Clayton in the end zone for a safety just two plays later to give Auburn a 16-7 lead and all the momentum.

(257) 1990 Clemson - 17
(256) 1981 Georgia - 18
In an epic battle between All American running back Herschel Walker and the vaunted Clemson defense, it was a tight end that made the difference. With Clemson linebackers Levon Kirkland and Ed McDaniel crowding the line to stop Walker, tight end Norris Brown was able to sneak down the seam and and grab a 63-yard touchdown pass from Buck Belue late in the fourth quarter. The Bulldogs' 2-point conversion attempt failed, but Nate Taylor and the defense held strong to preserve the win.

(129) 1983 Texas - 27
(384) 2007 Florida - 24
The 1983 Texas defense was shocked by the speed of Florida early on, but coach Fred Akers made adjustments and locked up Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin in the second half. Cornerback Mossy Cade scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery and Jeff Ward kicked 2 field goals of over 40 yards in the win.

(385) 2003 Boise State - 24
(128) 1981 Texas - 20
The 1981 Longhorns didn't fare as well as the '83 edition. In fact, this Texas team became one of the best seeded teams to lose in the tournament so far, falling to a spunky Boise State team led by quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie. Rick McIvor, Jam Jones and the Texas offense simply couldn't muster enough points to keep up with Dinwiddie, who tossed 3 touchdown passes.

Bracket Semifinals:
(1) 1983 Auburn vs (256) 1981 Georgia
(129) 1983 Texas vs (385) 2003 Boise State


THIRD ROUND - Bracket 46 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(46) 1996 Florida State - 34
(467) 1993 Boston College - 19
BC coach Tom Coughlin couldn't pull off another miracle like the win over Notre Dame during the 1993 season. The '96 Seminole defense ransacked BC quarterback Glenn Foley and only allowed him to complete 3 passes to his star tight end Pete Mitchell. Peter Boulware and Reinard Wilson led the sack parade with 2 apiece. WR E.G. Green caught 2 touchdown passes for FSU.

(302) 1985 Bowling Green - 20
(211) 2007 West Virginia - 35
Pat White was too much for Denny Stolz's Bowling Green defense to handle. The junior quarterback ran for 187 yards and threw for another 101. Steve Slaton and Noel Devine added another 134 yards on the ground in the rout.

(174) 1979 Arkansas - 19
(339) 1993 Tennessee - 23
Lou Holtz's Razorbacks suffered a minor upset at the hands of Phil Fulmer's Vols. Charlie Garner ran for 100 yards and a touchdown and Heath Shuler threw a touchdown for Tennessee.

(595) 1994 Virginia - 21
(83) 2008 Utah - 28
The 2008 Utah Utes remained unbeaten as they rolled past George Welsh and the '94 Cavaliers. The Virginia defense, led by linebackers Jamie Sharper and James Farrior, did a good job against Utah QB Brian Johnson, but the senior quarterback still managed two clutch touchdown drives in the second half to put the game away.

Bracket Semifinals:
(46) 1996 Florida State vs (211) 2007 West Virginia
(83) 2008 Utah vs (339) 1993 Tennessee

THIRD ROUND - Bracket 19 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(110) 1995 Northwestern - 25
(622) 1978 Missouri - 19
1978 Missouri's run in this tournament came to an end against the best Northwestern team in the field. The loss means players like QB Phil Bradley, TE Kellen Winslow, and RBs James Wilder & Earl Grant are going home.

(659) 1991 Oklahoma - 19
(147) 2002 Oklahoma - 28
Bob Stoops' 2002 Sooners topped Gary Gibbs' 1991 Sooners in this third round matchup. The loaded '02 defense, paced up front by DT Tommie Harris and LBs Teddy Lehman and Lance Mitchell, held the line against RB Mike Gaddis and the '91 offense.

(238) 1992 Michigan - 28
(275) 1991 California - 25
Michigan's top notch defense held up against a potent Cal offense and got the win to advance. Cal tailback Russell White had 87 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns, but Michigan cornerback Ty Law picked off two Mike Pawlawski passes.

(531) 1979 Clemson - 10
(19) 2006 Florida - 21
Danny Ford had his defense in top form, highlighted by All American lineman Jim Stuckey, but the offense couldn't capitalize. Urban Meyer's first national title team at Florida rode their defense to victory while shuttling quarterbacks Chris Leak and Tim Tebow in and out trying to find their rhythm offensively. The '79 Tigers will always have this win over Notre Dame to remember, though.

Bracket Semifinals:
(110) 1995 Northwestern vs (147) 2002 Oklahoma
(19) 2006 Florida vs (238) 1992 Michigan