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RESULTS - Round of 512

(38) 2000 Washington - 22
(550) 1987 South Carolina - 23
If you have been following this tournament, you have probably been waiting for a marquee upset to happen. There have been a few along the way (2000 Western Michigan over 1990 Notre Dame for instance), but this game marked the first loss by a team seeded in the top 64 overall.

Not only is 2000 Washington the first team favored to make it to the Bracket of Champions (the final 64 team bracket), but they got beat by a team that wasn't even supposed to be in this round.

Joe Morrison's Gamecocks, wearing the "Black Death" uniforms, took the field in the second round (I get goosebumps everytime I watch that video) with energy and confidence and parlayed that energy into an upset win over Colt McCoy and the '07 Longhorns. Nobody expected that run to continue in the third round against 2000 Washington.

Marques Tuiasosopo was a clutch quarterback that would find a way to win games despite their sub-par defense. But Rick Neuheisel's Huskies liked living on the edge, and it caught up to them in a big way here.

South Carolina was able to keep Tuiasosopo in the pocket thanks to the discipline of defensive linemen Roy Hart and Shed Diggs. They didn't compile any impressive statistics, but they took away Tuiasosopo's ability to improvise and stayed disciplined on the option. The Gamecocks forced Tuiasosopo to become a pocket passer, and he threw 2 interceptions as a result.

Offensively, Harold Green piled up 132 key yards on the ground, and punched in the game winner with 1:32 left in the game. How much farther can the Gamecocks go in this tournament? I hope they keep playing because I can't get enough of their 2001 Black Death entrance!

(294) 1993 Miami - 20
(219) 2003 Miami - 16
Larry Coker had the better talent, but Dennis Erickson's 1993 Miami team won the battle with a superior game plan and spot-on execution. Kellen Winslow was predictably upset after the game.

(166) 2004 Iowa - 23
(347) 2007 Oklahoma - 27
Another game another upset here in Bracket #38. Freshman Sam Bradford led the Sooners past the best Kirk Ferentz team in the bracket. The Iowa defense cracked down the stretch when the Sooners turned tailback Allen Patrick loose. Patrick picked up 63 yards in the fourth quarter alone, including a 31-yard touchdown run that saw him shed three tackles on his way to the game winning score.

(422) 1997 Ohio State - 20
(91) 1993 Nebraska - 24
1993 Nebraska finally put an end to the run of upsets in this bracket. It wasn't easy for the only favored team to advance, though. The Nebraska corners (Tyrone Williams, Barron Miles) locked down on Ohio State's talented receivers (David Boston, Dee miller), making this a ground-oriented game. The Nebraska offense struggled mightily in the first half, picking up just 87 yards and 4 first downs while entering the locker room down 13-3. But sophomore quarterback Tommie Frazier kicked the offense into gear in the second half. With Calvin Jones out of the game, hobbled by an ankle injury, and a freshman - Lawrence Phillips - taking over at I-Back, Frazier put the team on his shoulders by running for 87 yards and 2 touchdowns in the second half.

Bracket Semifinals:
(294) 1993 Miami vs (550) 1987 South Carolina
(91) 1993 Nebraska vs (347) 2007 Oklahoma

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