More Tournament Info

The Greatest Tournament of All Time is only a little more than a day away from kicking off, which means I better squeeze in an explanation about how this thing is going to work.

It took a little help from my partner in Excel, Curtis, to be able to seed 2,048 teams, but we got the job done. To determine which team got what seed, we ordered every team that played in Division 1-A in my lifetime (1977-present) by their power rating. The power rating came from my own top secret formula, and wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful resource that is James Howell.

The top 2,048 teams qualified for this tournament. To give you an idea of how grand in scope this is, that's more than half of the 3,719 teams that were eligible. Florida State, Georgia, and Nebraska are the only three schools to have all 32 years worth of teams make the bracket. Even Princeton and Yale are represented in the field!

To make this whole ordeal manageable, we divided the BIG bracket into 64 smaller, 32-team brackets. That means in a couple months we'll have 64 bracket winners ready to be plugged into the final "Bracket of Champions".

Now for some actual data. On Thursday, the tournament will officially get under way with the first round of games, starting with Bracket #3. Without further ado, here is the first bracket (click for larger image).

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