First Round-Bracket 32

Round 1
(seed) year school - score

(97) 1977 Texas - 38
(1952) 1991 Vanderbilt - 10
The Longhorns are representing in this tourny as they dispatch of the Sheldon Quarles led Commodores. WR's Lam Jones and Alfred Jackson had 200 yards a piece in 3 Qtr's of work and Earl Campbell didn't play after the halftime and when you have 5 carries for 136 it was as easy as Sunday Morning. Watch out for this team.

(928) 1986 North Carolina State - 21
(1121) 1992 Toledo - 22
This upset disappointed me and Haywood Jeffires who even despite a nifty reverse couldn't stop the Rocket in this tournament, unbelievable!!!

(609) 1980 South Carolina - 29
(1440) 2000 North Carolina - 17
Robert Brooks made a spectacular catch in this one to win the battle of the Carolina's and the Gamecock defense pounded QB Ronald Curry and kept Julius peppers in check except for one play. This Tarheel team also had Alge Crumpler, Willie Parker, Ryan Sims, Sedrick Hodge, Erroll Hood and Dexter Ried and still lost, fault be laid at the feet of Coach Carl Torbush.

(416) 2007 Arizona State - 28
(1633) 1992 Oklahoma - 18
Rudy and Company blew thru this very mediocre OU team, and OU QB Cale Gundy was pressured all day by LB Robert James. Man, the Gary Gibbs era is un helpful to the success of this franchise.

(353) 2001 Washington State - 37
(1696) 1995 Wyoming - 23
Jason Gesser shows up for another talented Cougar team and shreds another team and Lamont Thompson and Jason David had 2 picks each to seal it.

(672) 2008 Michigan State - 25
(1377) 1994 South Carolina - 21
Despite S Carolina FB Stanley Pritchett one yard plunge with 2:20 left on the clock was to much time to keep QB Brian Hoyer from hitting Deon Curry for a 46 yard reception, then it was time to turn it over the Ringer show.

(865) 1988 Louisville - 19
(1184) 1992 Mississippi State - 21
In a very bizarre game it came down to Cougars driving with 1:36 on the clock and QB Greg Plump threw a ball short to TE Kendall Watkins that was bobbled into the hands of WR Willie Harris who scampered down to the Cards 15 to set up the winning FG by Chris Gardner. So Jackie Sherrill luck turned around some in this one.

(160) 2005 Virginia Tech - 32
(1889) 1988 Memphis - 11
QB Marcus Vick and this very loaded Hokie D crushed this poor Memphis Team. I don't think the game has even started it was windsprints for the offense all day and the Defense didn't get any resistance.

(225) 2006 West Virginia - 40
(1824) 2002 Louisville - 21
RB Noel Devine had over 170 total yards offense and Morty Ivy and John Holmes got a pick a piece against QB Dave Ragone to Seal the victory.

(800) 1984 Florida State - 36
(1249) 2004 Memphis - 27
RB DeAngelo Williams effort of 173 yards and 3 TD's were not enough to keep the Hassan Jones and Jessie Hester show to stop as the Memphis D didn't show up in this one or it would have been a fight.

(737) 1989 Texas A&M - 24
(1312) 1992 Penn State - 21
This was a great game but the hookup of Lance Pavlas to RB Darren Lewis was more prolific today then QB Tony Sacca to OJ McDuffie as this game was nip and tuck all day, but at least part of the hookups kept their day jobs.

(288) 1978 Michigan - 28
(1761) 1980 Louisville - 7
QB Rick Leach and the very soft trumpet in the background pounded this weak Louisville team. But at least Darryl Griffith was in attendance to show his support.

(481) 1989 Houston - 45
(1568) 1983 UNLV - 14
We have a Andre Ware sighting and despite his helmet being taken off once, he could have played without it, there was no pressure and this game was over from the start. But at least we got the home movie from 1983from our trip to Vegas.

(544) 1993 Louisville - 29
(1505) 2000 Virginia - 17
QB Jeff Brohm finally led the Cards to its first victory of the Tournament and it was over a decent Virginia squad. Antwoine Womack was injured early in the first quarter and Billy McMullen was double teamed after that and poor QB Dan Ellis couldn't react.

(993) 2008 Kansas - 45
(1056) 2000 Air Force - 38
Todd Reesing hit Dexton Fields with his only catch of the day in the back of the endzone to get the victory for the Jayhawks.

(32) 1993 Florida State - 40
(2017) 2004 Kansas - 9
Kansas and Adam Barmann had 11 chances in the Redzone and was stuffed on all but one of them as this Seminole team, possible the best team in the tournament, this team is stacked from Top to Bottom.

Round 2 Matchups-
(97) 1977 Texas vs (1121) 1992 Toledo
(416) 2007 Arizona State vs (609) 1980 South Carolina
(353) 2001 Washington State vs (672) 2008 Michigan State
(160) 2005 Virginia Tech vs (1184) 1992 Mississippi State
(225) 2006 West Virginia vs (800) 1984 Florida State
(288) 1978 Michigan vs (737) 1989 Texas A&M
(481) 1989 Houston vs (544) 1993 Louisville
(32) 1993 Florida State vs (993) 2008 Kansas

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