FIRST ROUND - Bracket 22 Results

Round 1
(seed) year school - score

(22) 2004 Auburn - 29
(2027) 1984 Indiana State - 10
This game was over when Tommy Tuberville led the Tigers out on the field. The result was never in doubt thanks in large part to Marcus McNeill and the offensive line, who dominated the undersized Sycamores all day.

(1003) 1987 Florida - 23
(1046) 1989 Hawaii - 22
Hawaiian Sophie was in attendance at this game, but had to leave disappointed after the underdog Rainbow Warriors missed a chance at the upset. RB Emmitt Smith scored on a 2-yard run with four minutes left to give the Gators the lead. Then Hawaii K Jason Elam missed a desperation 59-yard field goal attempt on the last play of the game.

(534) 1987 Iowa - 34
(1515) 2008 Houston - 27
Houston QB Case Keenum didn't have free reign over the Iowa defense like he did the weak defenses of Conference USA. DB Merton Hanks led a secondary that played the game of their lives. Even so, it took a Chuck Hartlieb touchdown pass to TE Marv Cook on 4th down with time running out to secure the win. Iowa coach Hayden Fry was thrilled to escape the first round with a win.

(491) 2001 BYU - 42
(1558) 1981 VMI - 20
The Virginia Military Institute defense was no match for Gary Crowton's high octane offense. QB Brandon Doman piled up the stats with 411 yards through the air and another 56 on the ground.

(278) 2006 Rutgers - 31
(1771) 1991 Western Michigan - 13
Rutgers pounded Western Michigan on the strength of the running of Ray Rice and Brian Leonard. The duo accounted for 256 total yards and 3 touchdowns. Eric Foster's post-game chant in the locker room should put the rest of the tournament field on notice: 2006 Rutgers isn't going away easily. This is a bona fide sleeper to look out for.

(747) 2000 Purdue - 29
(1302) 1992 Baylor - 24
J.J. Joe's '92 Baylor squad came up just short of upsetting Drew Brees and Purdue. Brees found John Standeford on the bomb with just under two minutes remaining to advance to Round 2.

(790) 2006 Hawaii - 40
(1259) 2002 Clemson - 24
Despite the super-human efforts of Clemson CB Justin Miller (2 interceptions and a forced fumble), the 2002 Tigers were blown out in the first round by Hawaii. Colt Brennan threw the ball 57 times, including 2 touchdowns to Nate Ilaoa.

(235) 2001 LSU - 29
(1814) 1987 Missouri - 17
Rohan Davey to Josh Reed was the story of the day as LSU easily dismissed the Cats from Ol' Mizzou. CB Erik McMillan was no match for Reed, who piled up 11 receptions for 189 yards and 3 touchdowns.

(150) 1980 BYU - 46
(1899) 2005 Rutgers - 18
The 2005 edition of Rutgers football didn't quite yet have the swagger of the 2006 edition (winners in this bracket), and it showed. Jim McMahon and the Cougar offense scored at will on the Scarlet Knights, while LB Kyle Whittingham and the defense held the potent Ray Rice / Brian Leonard duo in check.

(875) 1980 Yale - 19
(1174) 1978 Ohio State - 20
Somehow, Yale ended up with a pretty good seed in this tournament thanks to their 1980 team. But Woody Hayes found a way to shut down Yale RB Rich Diana (pictured), and QB Art Slichter directed an option heavy Buckeye offense to victory.

(662) 1977 USC - 28
(1387) 2002 Purdue - 21
Joe Tiller tried to pull a trick out of the Dan Devine playbook by putting his Boilermakers in gold uniforms in this match with Charles White and USC. It didn't work though because the USC defense contained QB Kyle Orton and kept Purdue at arms length all day.

(363) 1982 USC - 27
(1686) 1992 Air Force - 11
Coach John Robinson brought one of his better USC defenses to the table in this matchup. Nose tackle George Archia disrupted the Air Force triple option before QB Jarvis Baker could even get the play started.

(406) 2008 Ohio State - 30
(1643) 1996 Michigan State - 17
Nick Saban didn't quite have his defense cranked up at Michigan State yet in 1996, and they struggled to contain Terrelle Pryor and Beanie Wells. Neither RB, Sedric Irvin or Duane Goulbourne, could get loose against the experienced Buckeye defense.

(619) 1995 East Carolina - 26
(1430) 1980 West Virginia - 20
Don Nehlen, in his first year as head coach at WVU, couldn't muster enough offense to overcome Marcus Crandell and the Pirates.

(918) 1987 Texas - 23
(1131) 1983 Kentucky - 22
RB Eric Metcalf had the touch in this game. His punt return for touchdown in the fourth quarter gave the Longhorns a lead over Randy Jenkins and the Wildcats they never relinquished. This is the 8th Texas team to advance to the second round as the Longhorns remain unbeaten in Tournament play (8-0).

(107) 1993 Florida - 43
(1942) 1999 UAB - 14
UAB was never in this game. QB Daniel Dixon couldn't breathe because Gator D-Linemen Kevin Carter and Ellis Johnson were all over him from start to finish. UAB coach Watson Brown wasn't too pleased with Steve Spurrier for running this trick play late in the game.

Round 2 Matchups-
(22) 2004 Auburn vs (1003) 1987 Florida
(491) 2001 BYU vs (534) 1987 Iowa
(278) 2006 Rutgers vs (747) 2000 Purdue
(235) 2001 LSU vs (790) 2006 Hawaii
(150) 1980 BYU vs (1174) 1978 Ohio State
(363) 1982 USC vs (662) 1977 USC
(406) 2008 Ohio State vs (619) 1995 East Carolina
(107) 1993 Florida vs (918) 1987 Texas

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