First Round-Bracket 12

(117) 2005 Ohio State - 35
(1932) 1986 Southern Miss - 10
QB Troy Smith shredded this poor eagle team. Watch out for these Buckeyes they are ready for prime time.

(908) 2001 Virginia Tech - 28
(1141) 1977 Army - 19
This Tech school should be around for a while as it is loaded, Army QB Leamon Hall was not Army Strong and was hasseled all day by Jake Housewright and Ronyell Whitaker had two picks. One fan took this game to another level with his car.

(629) 1986 San Jose State - 30
(1420) 2000 Marshall - 23
Byron Leftwich hit Franklin Wallace with a short screen for a 50 yard TD to tie the game but with the game tied at 23 SJS QB Mike Perez hit Lafo Malaulu in the back of the end zone to win this game.

(396) 2002 Washington State - 28
(1653) 1993 Arkansas - 14
This Washington State team is the best one they got in the tourny and didn't disappoint. With all the names, Jason Gesser, Marcus Trufant, Jerome Riley, Mike Bush all were present in this one and that overwhelmed the Danny Ford led Backs.

(373) 1998 Penn State - 28
(1676) 1999 USC - 17
The Sophomore Carson Palmer couldn't take down the Lions and the 98-01 USC teams could be very overrated none of thoset teams were over 9 wins, with Carson Palmer. The play of this game was RB Eric McCoo and his bounce.

(652) 1981 Yale - 24
(1397) 1997 Texas Tech - 16
Bulldog-Bulldog-Bow Wow Wow! How this Yale team is ranked this high I don't know but they took out QB Zebbie Letheridge and RB Ricky Williams.

(885) 1988 BYU - 28
(1164) 1988 Virginia - 20
Another Ty sighting and he takes down the Sophomore Moore's(QB Shawn and RB Herman), but Herman takes this time to promote himself.

(140) 1983 Florida - 24
(1909) 1979 Texas Tech - 7
All QB Wayne Peace did was handoff to Neal Anderson and the rest was history, this was the worst team I have covered so far in the 1979 Tech Team. LB Wilbur Marshall was a beast in this one 6 sacks!

(245) 2004 California - 33
(1804) 1979 Southern Illinois - 13
Classic overmatch and Mershawn Lynch went off, but the Salukis were so happy to be included in the tournament that they just kept dancing.

(780) 1985 Miami, Ohio - 24
(1269) 2003 Marshall - 23
A Jason Radar Touchdown cut the lead to 1 but WR George Swarn made a crucial first down and time ran out on this very average 1985 Miami OH Team, that will be fed to 2004 California

(757) 1979 Auburn - 32
(1292) 1978 California - 21
RB James Brooks broke thru for Auburn and ran for 220 and Joe Cribbs had 110 as the Tigers ran thru a very below average Cal Team.

(268) 2004 Arizona State - 29
(1781) 1986 Toledo - 17
This would have been alot worse but ASU pulled all the starters at beginning of the 4th quarter with a 29-3 lead. Two touchdowns in garbage time made the score look better then the game actually was. QB Sam Keller and Derek Hagen scored twice and DL Jimmy Verdon forced a fumble that led to a Ricardo Stewart touchdown. But the real party was in the stands in this blow out.

(501) 1978 Maryland - 22
(1548) 1978 McNeese State - 16
A late one yard score by RB Steve Atkins was the difference in this one. But at least McNeese pushed their way into the tourny.

(524) 2006 Boston College - 28
(1525) 1980 North Texas - 17
The two headed monster of TB Andre Callender and LV Whitworth, and on the other side Mathius Kiwanuka had 10 tackles 5 tfl's and 1 forced fumble. Also LB Brian Toal had two picks and this game was for the seniors, but at least UNT stood up Fo One!

(1013) 1996 Texas - 26
(1036) 1977 UCLA - 23
A late Phil Dawson FG preserves the win for QB James Brown and Ricky Williams, despite a late run to the 20 yard line by UCLA RB Theotis Brown. Even a home movie of UCLA(zapruder would be proud) couldn't erase the highlight here that is what makes this team by far THE TEAM I HATE THE MOST IN THIS TOURNAMENT FOR THIS PLAY ALONE. Thank you for making me re-live this tramatic time in my life and 5 years of therapy down the drain.

(12) 1989 Notre Dame - 32
(2037) 1982 Toledo - 9
I really like this Fighting Irish team lead by Tony Rice, Ricky Watters and The Rocket and with a defense of Chris Zorich and Todd Lyght on the Defense, Toledo had no chance, some of the Rockets players referred to this Irish team as a "Blackhawk helicopter landing on campus, they came in blew us away and left."

Round 2 Matchups-
(117) 2005 Ohio State vs (908) 2001 Virginia Tech
(396) 2002 Washington State vs (629) 1986 San Jose State
(373) 1998 Penn State vs (652) 1981 Yale
(140) 1983 Florida vs (885) 1988 BYU
(245) 2004 California vs (780) 1985 Miami, Ohio
(268) 2004 Arizona State vs (757) 1979 Auburn
(501) 1978 Maryland vs (524) 2006 Boston College
(12) 1989 Notre Dame vs (1013) 1996 Texas

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