We've Got Your Tournament

The Super Bowl is over and the Pittsburgh Steelers are your new NFL champs. But here at Pikes Picks we're keeping the football season going through the winter and on into the spring.

Prepare yourself, because in just a few days I will unveil the first few matchups of what we are calling "THE GREATEST TOURNAMENT OF ALL TIME!"

Thanks to the great James Howell [LINK], I have devised a computer ranking system that assigns a power rating to every team that has played Division 1A college football in my lifetime (1977-present - that's 32 seasons with of college football and over 3,700 teams).

We put together a tournament field with the top 2,048 teams according to those power ratings. So over the next few months, using offensive and defensive statistics for each team, as well as a score predictor formula I devised, we will run a computer simulation and post results for every single tournament game until we have an ultimate Champion.

That's right - over 2,000 teams will compete on the field for the chance to be crowned "Greatest Team of My Lifetime".

This should be quite a tournament as just about all of your favorite players from the past three decades will surely be involved. From Bo Jackson to Tommie Frazier to Brian Bosworth, the matchups you've only dreamed about will take place before your eyes & on my computer screen.

So get out your pencils and research materials and prepare to fill out a bracket that will put "March Madness" to shame. Stay tuned...

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