First Round-Bracket 45

Round 1

(45) 1990 Georgia Tech - 41
(2004) 1995 Eastern Michigan - 17
This national championship didn't disappoint and completely dismantled a overmatched EMU team. Led by RB William Bell who had 140 and 2 touchdowns by halftime, this was a laffer from the start in one of the biggest blowouts so far in the tournament.

(980) 1978 Utah - 23
(1069) 2003 Michigan State - 21
The bad luck continues for the Spartans as in the final seconds of the game a costly fumble by Tyrell Dortch seals the fate for Jeff Smoker in the tournament. Jeff Smoker just can't make a clean jump in this game and rarely stayed on his feet. Just goes to show don't smoke.

(557) 2006 Virginia Tech - 25
(1492) 1988 Oregon - 13
A Touchdown by Terry Obee is all the Ducks could muster against this very underrated defense lead by Vince Hall's two forced fumbles and Brandon Flowers interception for a score. Despite the very average play of Sean Glennon the defense was all that was needed in this one.

(468) 2006 Tennessee - 25
(1581) 1998 Toledo - 15
Toledo finally loses! The behemoth offensive line controlled the game from the start and gave Erik Ainge all day to hit Robert Meachem and Jayson Swain for a score a piece. This Phillip Fulmer team has a good bracket and may suprise some teams in this tournament. Also Jerod Mayo had two sacks.

(301) 2007 USC - 31
(1748) 1987 UTEP - 17
This wasn't even close and Dwayne Jarrett had 220 yards in this one and the starters rested in the second half. UTEP however had one player get up for this game.

(724) 2002 Virginia - 31
(1325) 2001 Mississippi - 29
This was one of the best games of the tourny so far as Matt Schaub directed a late game drive that ended with a Heath Miller fade in the corner of the endzone to secure the win. Sophomore QB Eli Manning threw for 370,(One of three teams he will lead in this tournament) but the undersized Von Hutchins couldn't stop Miller in the end.

(813) 2006 South Carolina - 32
(1236) 2005 Nevada - 23
In a somewhat surprising offensive game the Gamecocks and Senior Sidney Rice take control of the game in the second half. Despite QB Jeff Rowe throwing for 400 yards, but a tipped pass by Eric Norwood caused a crucial interception to Fred Bennett to seal the victory.

(212) 1998 Texas A&M - 36
(1837) 1996 Missouri - 13
Corby Jones had fits all day against the Aggies and Dante Hall and Ja'Mar Toombs pounded away for 320 yards rushing. Randy McCown found Sir Parker in the 1st quarter and the route was on. Warrick Holdman and Dat Nguyen pounded poor Corby. So another blowout in this bracket.

(173) 1985 Miami - 45
(1876) 2003 Houston - 19
Another game in this particular region and another blowout Kevin Kolb's Cougars were fed to the very powerful 85 Canes. Testeverde shredded the very pourous Coug D. Michael Irvin, Brian Blades and Brett Perriman were all over 120 yards and Alonzo Highsmith ran for 162, and all rested in the second half. Also the great Jerome Brown was a constant in the Coug backfield. This is a team to be reckoned with.

(852) 2000 West Virginia - 32
(1197) 1998 North Carolina State - 31
This game was back and forth all game and the team that had the ball last was sure to win and that was the case. Despite Senior Torry Holt's 228 yards and a spectacular one hand grab is wasn't enough to stop Avon "Superman" Coburne and the Mountaineers. The play by play on the Holt play is the best I have ever heard.

(685) 2004 Wisconsin - 21
(1364) 2007 South Carolina - 17
It came down to a late forced fumble by Jim Leonhard on Cory Boyd's rush to secure the victory for the Badgers. So despite high expectations the 2007 can't make it two in row in this bracket for the Gamecocks. A spokesperson for South Carolina commented on the situation with the Gamecocks.

(340) 1996 Washington - 37
(1709) 2005 Stanford - 17
Another blowout, Corey Dillon rushed for 210 and Stanford used this opportunity to showcase their school it was more exciting then thier effort.

(429) 1978 North Texas - 23
(1620) 1980 Western Michigan - 14
Jenny's team scoreboards Joel as the Mean Green beat the Broncos.Hayden Fry is coaching this North Texas team, but he choose the Stanford way of doing things instead of focusing on the Game and The Broncos couldn't regulate the weather.

(596) 1995 Oregon - 21
(1453) 2002 North Texas - 18
Could have been an all North Texas second round matchup here. Thank God it isn't! Patrick Johnson ends this game on a great kickoff return. But the very musically acclaimed UNT had a great halftime show.

(941) 2000 Boise State - 32
(1108) 1978 Mississippi State - 22
The Broncos wrestled this one away from the Bulldogs, but in 1978 the talent of the halftime show was better then the Dave Marler led Bulldogs, so the Bulldogs signed a letter of intent with one of the stars at halftime. Welcome back!

(84) 1982 Nebraska - 51
(1965) 1996 Louisiana-Lafayette - 14
Whoa. This 1982 Nebraska team might be a sleeper. The 1983 team gets all the historical acclaim, but this team might have been just as good. WB Irving Fryar was the difference this one and one of the UL-Lafayette defenders stated it best in this comment "it was like chasing dragonflies on Campus. We just couldn't get him!"

Round 2 Matchups-
(45) 1990 Georgia Tech vs (980) 1978 Utah
(468) 2006 Tennessee vs (557) 2006 Virginia Tech
(301) 2007 USC vs (724) 2002 Virginia
(212) 1998 Texas A&M vs (813) 2006 South Carolina
(173) 1985 Miami vs (852) 2000 West Virginia
(340) 1996 Washington vs (685) 2004 Wisconsin
(429) 1978 North Texas vs (596) 1995 Oregon
(84) 1982 Nebraska vs (941) 2000 Boise State

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