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RESULTS - Round of 512

(74) 1983 Miami - 21
(586) 1985 Georgia - 14
Miami delivered the knockout punch on the 1985 Georgia "Wonderdawgs". Tailback Willie McClendon found very little running room against a very good Miami defense. Bernie Kosar, wearing his #20 jersey, threw for all 3 Hurricane touchdowns, one each to Stanley Shakespeare, Albert Bentley, and Glenn Dennison. The Bulldogs couldn't muster another one of their trademark comebacks, and the result is a one-way ticket back to Athens.

(330) 1980 Michigan - 20
(183) 1998 Arizona - 21
The Michigan defense was great during the 1980 season, but they didn't ever face a balanced, dynamic offense like the one the 1998 Arizona team brought into this third round matchup. The Wolverines held their own for the most part, but it was easy to see them wear down over the course of the game. So when quarterback Ortege Jenkins scrambled for a 54-yard touchdown run in the middle of the fourth quarter to put Arizona up 21-20, it was all but over.

(202) 1985 Texas A&M - 18
(311) 1979 Texas - 16
This was another great rivalry matchup here in the Greatest Tournament of All Time. Jackie Sherrill's Aggies and Fred Akers' Longhorns each brought great defenses to the table. All America linebacker Johnny Holland paced the Wrecking Crew while All Americans Steve McMichael and Jonnie Johnson led Texas' stop unit. The difference in the game was that A&M brought a more dynamic offense (if only slightly). Aggie quarterback Kevin Murray was by no means Joe Montana, but he completed just enough passes (12-for-26 for 173 yards) to keep the Longhorn defense from crowding the line to stop the running game (Anthony Toney, Roger Vick, Keith Woodside). Texas quarterback Donnie Little couldn't do the same, which made it difficult for star tailback Jam Jones to pick up much running room. The Aggies added a safety to their total early in the third quarter that ended up being the deciding margin.

(458) 2005 Miami - 17
(55) 1992 Florida State - 27
One of Bobby Bowden's best teams managed to beat Larry Coker's athletic Miami team with relative ease to advance to the bracket semi-finals. The main key was holding Hurricane special teams whiz Devin Hester out of the end zone. That forced Kyle Wright and the offense to put together drives against a talented FSU defense (Derrick Brooks, Marvin Jones, Toddrick McIntosh, Clifton Abraham, Corey Sawyer), which wan't a successful proposition. Miami only ran for 47 yards in the game and Wright threw 2 interceptions in the loss.

But here's some memories of the '05 Canes looking good.

Bracket Semifinals:
(74) 1983 Miami vs (183) 1998 Arizona
(55) 1992 Florida State vs (202) 1985 Texas A&M

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