THIRD ROUND - Bracket 60 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(69) 1995 Tennessee - 27
(444) 1996 Kansas State - 20
Kansas State answered every Tennessee score until sophomore Peyton Manning found Joey Kent on a 47-yard touchdown pass late in the third quarter to give the Vols a 27-20 lead. Then the defenses buckled up and started playing. Freshman linebacker Al Wilson provided a spark off the bench and the Vols didn't allow Brian Kavanaugh and the K-State offense another point the rest of the way.

(325) 1981 North Carolina - 16
(188) 1980 Nebraska - 27
North Carolina tailbacks Kelvin Bryant and Tyrone Anthony were held in check by the Blackshirts, while Jarvis Redwine ran for 119 yards and 2 touchdowns for the Huskers.

(197) 1980 Oklahoma - 23
(316) 2007 Ohio State - 29 (OT)
Barry Switzer's wishbone attack stalled in overtime when Ohio State defensive end Vernon Gholston took over. Gholston hammered OU quarterback J.C. Watts on three straight option runs, and then blocked the field goal attempt.

(453) 1981 BYU - 23
(60) 2002 Georgia - 29
The Georgia defense took apart Jim McMahon and the BYU offense like Classic Coke vs New Coke. The speed of players like LB Boss Bailey and the quickness of interior lineman Jonathan Sullivan disrupted McMahon's rhythm and forced him into several mistakes. Offensively Musa Smith topped the century mark on the ground which allowed David Greene to throw a 65-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Terrence Edwards and ensure the Bulldog victory.

Bracket Semifinals:
(69) 1995 Tennessee vs (188) 1980 Nebraska
(60) 2002 Georgia vs (316) 2007 Ohio State

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