THIRD ROUND - Bracket 22 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(22) 2004 Auburn - 36
(491) 2001 BYU - 20
Gary Crowton's BYU squad averaged over 44 points per game in 2001, but they also gave up over 30 points per game. The Auburn defense, on the other hand, is more than up to the challenges presented to them in this tournament. BYU RB Luke Staley never really got going, and Tiger DBs Carlos Rogers and Junior Rosegreen locked down on WR Reno Mahe and TE Doug Jolley. On the other side of the ball, Auburn running backs Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown took advantage of the porous Cougar defense, rushing for a combined 248 yards.

(278) 2006 Rutgers - 30
(790) 2006 Hawaii - 26
Rutgers continued their march through the tournament as they knocked off a high scoring Hawaii team en route to the Bracket Semifinal round in Bracket 22. The key in this matchup was the Scarlet Knights' active defensive line. The constant stunting and twisting by Eric Foster and Jamal Westerman led to 6 sacks of Hawaii QB Colt Brennan. Considering the fact that June Jones only called 3 running plays all game, the Rutgers defense just pinned their ears back and got after Brennan.

(150) 1980 BYU - 28
(363) 1982 USC - 20
LaVell Edwards advances another Brigham Young team past the Round of 512. This Cougar team was impressive in victory, playing as much solid defense as they did offense. LB Kyle Whittingham made 14 tackles, containing the USC running game (Todd Spencer, Anthony Gibson) nearly single-handedly. The overpowering USC offensive line (Don Mosebar, Bruce Matthews, Tony Slaton) were neutralized today. Jim McMahon threw 2 touchdown passes for the Cougars. Meanwhile, BYU's all american offensive lineman Nick Eyre fared better than his USC counterparts, paving the way for two Eric Lane rushing touchdowns.

(406) 2008 Ohio State - 21
(107) 1993 Florida - 28
Ohio State has to be sick of seeing SEC teams by now. Not only did the 2007 edition lose to LSU in the national title game, the 2006 edition lost to Florida in the national title game. And now the 2008 team meets its fate against yet another Florida team. This time it was RB Errict Rhett's running (144 yards, 2 touchdowns) exposing the soft Buckeye linebacker play. Luckily Ohio State has a bright future with Terrelle Pryor at quarterback.

Bracket Semifinals:
(22) 2004 Auburn vs (278) 2006 Rutgers
(107) 1993 Florida vs (150) 1980 BYU

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