THIRD ROUND - Bracket 2 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(2) 2005 Texas - 42
(511) 2002 Florida State - 19
Vince Young led another rout, this time over Bobby Bowden's 2002 Seminoles. The Longhorns also got a significant contribution from Romance Taylor, who scored a touchdown rushing, receiving, and on a punt return.

(258) 1988 Nebraska - 20
(255) 1981 Nebraska - 23
Tom Osborne outsmarted himself when Turner Gill threw a touchdown pass to tight end Jamie Williams using a deadly play fake to I-back Roger Criag. Craig and Mike Rozier combined to run for 186 yards against Broderick Thomas and the '88 Huskers. Steve Taylor ran for 88 yards for the '88 team, but got little help from IB Ken Clark and the rest of the offense.

(130) 1983 BYU - 31
(383) 2006 Oklahoma - 24
Oklahoma had a lot of painful memories from the 2006 season. Not only did they have the Rhett Bomar controversy, the questionable officiating in the game against Oregon, they also had the embarrassment against Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. But Paul Thompson filled in admirably at quarterback, and running back Adrian Peterson ran hard all season. For some reason, though, Peterson only carried the ball 16 times in this game, and BYU QB Steve Young was dazzling.

(386) 1983 Northern Illinois - 17
(127) 1999 Michigan State - 27
Nick Saban's Spartans cruised past Bill Mallory's Huskies in this third round matchup. And if you can believe it, I found ANOTHER Northern Illinois clip - this time from the 1983 California Bowl.

Bracket Semifinals:
(2) 2005 Texas vs (255) 1981 Nebraska
(127) 1999 Michigan State vs (130) 1983 BYU

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