THIRD ROUND - Bracket 25 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(25) 1977 Penn State - 26
(488) 1977 Louisiana Tech - 13
The Penn State defensive line controlled most of the game, limiting Louisiana Tech tailback John Henry White to just 34 yards. Bruce Clark and Matt Millen did most of the damage, combining for 6 tackles for loss.

(281) 2008 Boise State - 21
(232) 1987 Michigan State - 16
Boise State freshman quarterback Kellen Moore played like a senior, navigating the Bronco offense to three impressive touchdown drives against Percy Snow and the heavily favored Spartans. The Boise State defense, an unsung unit during their successful 2008 campaign, actually manged to hold the potent MSU offense (Lorenzo White, Andre Rison, Tony Mandarich) to just 16 points and 274 yards.

(153) 1985 Alabama - 21
(360) 1982 West Virginia - 17
The Alabama defense held Jeff Hostetler and the West Virginia in check most of the game, and quarterback Mike Shula put together a touchdown drive in the fourth quarter against Darryl Talley and the Mountaineer defense to secure the victory for the Crimson Tide.

(409) 2003 Texas - 27
(104) 1996 Arizona State - 33
Cedric Benson ran for 153 yards and 3 touchdowns, but the Texas defense didn't have an answer for ASU quarterback Jake Plummer. Plummer threw 2 touchdown passes and ran 2 other scores as the Sun Devils piled up 513 yards of offense. Texas couldn't decide on a quarterback in the game, with Chance Mock and Vince Young rotating every few series.

Bracket Semifinals:
(25) 1977 Penn State vs (281) 2008 Boise State
(104) 1996 Arizona State vs (153) 1985 Alabama

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