SECOND ROUND - Bracket 33 Results

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Round 2
(seed) year school - score

(33) 2000 Miami - 42
(992) 1997 Texas A&M - 17
The Aggies were simply out matched in this contest. Butch Davis' last Miami team was loaded to the gills with talent and it was on display today. On six easy touchdown drives, Miami punished Dat Nguyen and the Wrecking Crew on the ground and through the air. Five different players scored touchdowns for the Hurricanes (RBs James Jackson, Clinton Portis, FB D.J. Williams, and WRs Reggie Wayne & Santana Moss) as Miami piled up 545 yards of offense. The A&M offense didn't stand much of a chance either. Aggie quarterbacks Branndon Stewart and Randy McCown threw two interceptions apiece, but Dante Hall managed to pick up 88 yards rushing and a kick return for touchdown.

(545) 1977 Ohio State - 21
(480) 1993 Oklahoma - 17
There was no recapturing of glory for the Sooners. Oklahoma's high octane offense, triggered by QB Cale Gundy, was held largely in check by Woody Hayes' hard nosed defense. Linebacker Tom Cousineau led the way in shutting down OU's freshmen tailbacks. "Thunder and Lightning", James Allen and Jerald Moore were held to just 67 yards rushing combined. Quarterback Rod Gerald led the way for Ohio State with 123 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns.

(289) 1998 Kansas State - 35
(736) 1977 Colorado - 17
It's clear that Laval Short and the Colorado defense from 1977 had never seen an athlete like Kansas State quarterback Michael Bishop. Bishop was on fire all day, piling up yards left and right, with his feet and his arm. Bishop became the first player of the tournament to top 200 yards passing and rushing in the same game with 232 yards and 2 touchdowns passing and 201 yards and 2 touchdowns rushing. David Allen also tacked on a nice punt return for touchdown to put the Buffs away for good.

(1248) 1979 Toledo - 20
(224) 1997 Washington State - 37
Toledo knocked off a Pac-10 team in EIGHT OVERTIMES in the first round. But between exhaustion and the Washington State offense, the Rockets didn't last long in the second round. Ryan Leaf threw for 333 yards and 3 touchdowns and the Cougar defensive line (Dorian Boose, Leon Bender) bottled up Toledo RB Mike Alston.

(161) 1995 Ohio State - 30
(864) 2005 Clemson - 17
The Tiger fans were loud, but John Cooper's Ohio State team was good enough to overcome that noise. Heisman Trophy thief Eddie George made the difference in the game with his consistent hard-nosed running. Clemson defensive ends Gaines Adams and Charles Bennett put constant pressure on Buckeye quarterback Bobby Hoying, so George's running between the tackles offset that speed enough for Ohio State to put away Clemson going away.

(673) 1986 Baylor - 19
(352) 1983 West Virginia - 23
A few of West Virginia fan's favorite things: Wide Receiver Rich Hollins collecting 5 receptions for 122 yards; Quarterback Jeff Hostetler out-dueling Baylor QB Cody Carlson; and a double-digit fourth quarter comeback to beat Baylor. Grant Teaff's Baylor club allowed the Mountaineers to do just that, giving up 13 unanswered points in the final five minutes.

(417) 1997 Mississippi - 20
(608) 1999 Southern Miss - 23
Tempers ran high in this in-state rivalry game, where Southern Miss upset Ole Miss thanks to a solid defensive effort. Tommy Tuberville's Rebels had a hard time moving the ball against a Golden Eagle defense that featured standout performances by DE Adalius Thomas and LB T.J. Slaughter. Southern Miss started out with a healthy dose of running back Derrick Nix. Nix carried the ball 10 times in the first quarter alone and piled up 74 yards by halftime. Then Jeff Bower opened up the offense in the second half, culminating in a 7-yard touchdown pass from Jeff Kelly to Sherrod Gideon with 2:39 remaining that ended up being the game winner.

(929) 2001 Boston College - 10
(96) 1986 Oklahoma - 38
William Green was a fantastic running back for Boston College during the 2001 season, but if he was driving a scooter the Oklahoma defense was driving Ferraris. Brian Bosworth led a Sooner charge that completely shut down Tom O'Brien's BC offense. The Sooners held Green to 31 yards rushing on 17 carries, and hammered QB Brian St. Pierre repeatedly. Darrell Reed finished with three sacks and Bosworth led the way with 17 tackles. Sophomore quarterback Jamelle Holieway paced the wishbone attack for OU, but tight end Keith Jackson provided the highlight of the day with an 88-yard touchdown run on a reverse. Wow, the big guy can really move.

Round of 512 Matchups:
(33) 2000 Miami vs (545) 1977 Ohio State
(224) 1997 Washington State vs (289) 1998 Kansas State
(161) 1995 Ohio State vs (352) 1983 West Virginia
(96) 1986 Oklahoma vs (608) 1999 Southern Miss

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