Second Round-Bracket 13

Round 2
(seed) year school - score

This Team is For Real
(13) 1988 Notre Dame - 31
(1012) 1980 Oregon - 13

The Irish's best team in the tourny and undefeated in 1988, did not disappoint and how this Duck team made the second round I don't know. But the Irish made quick work of them rolling out 28 straight points and didn't look back. QB Tony Rice was the leader and just handed right to Tony Brooks, then left to Anthony Johnson and that was about it in this one. Duck DL Vince Goldsmith said "This was the best team I have ever played against." The Irish D led by DL Chris Zorich and LB Michael Stonebreaker completely clogged the running lanes and DB Todd Lyght and Pat Terrell limited the Ducks to 152 total yards, Frank Stams leveled the Ducks all day. Other Stats: WR Raghib Ismail 2-24, they really didn't need to pass in this one.

Ready to Go!
(525) 2000 Clemson - 41
(500) 2006 Arkansas - 38 (3 OT)

If you like games on the ground this was your game it took 7 Qtrs to do so it came down to a FG by Brian Vavra to get the game back to a tie in the 3rd OT but LB Keith Adams came up big and blocked the kick to get the Tigers over this tough Razorback team. This game only had 10 pass completions combined and when you have RB's Darren McFadden and Felix Jones on one side and on the other QB Woodrow Dantzler and RB Travis Zachary and FB Chris Jasmin. Some of the stat lines in this game were mind boggling Darren McFadden did all he could do by running for 225 yards 4 TD(3 over 40 yards), Felix Jones 120 yards 1 TD, but the story came from a FB who the Arkansas Defense couldnt account for as Dantzler really drew all the attention and Chris Jasmin finished the day with 130 yards 1 TD most of them straight up the gut. Speaking of Dantzler he only was 2-3 37 yards in the air(but hit WR Morgan Woodward for a 15 yard score) but on the ground he was awesome running for 152 yards and 2 TD's. Great Game.

(269) 1985 UCLA - 30
(1293) 1985 Army - 21

This Army team was really pesky all day and stayed with the Bruins for 3 1/2 Qtrs, but really ran out of gas late and QB Matt Stevens filling in for David Norrie, led the Bruin down the field and hit Flipper Anderson for a 50 yard score to giving the Bruins the lead at 24-21 early in the 4th qtr. Then Army QB Tory Crawford who had been having a career day(172 yards on the ground) took the ball and was leveled by DL Terry Turney and LB Ken Norton and coughed the football up and that was the ball game. Coach Terry Donahue after the game was very moved by the desire the Army team played at and said he will use this tape for the next round opponett. The After the game entertainment was the story after the game.

(781) 1981 Utah - 20
(244) 2005 TCU - 26

In this MWC conference matchup it was another game featuring a great tandem of backs but this 11-1 TCU team was ready to play. TCU Lonta Hobbs and Robert Merrill were simply too much for this Utah team. They combined for 230 yards and 2 TD's(TCU's only TD's on the day). Both defenses in this one were definately bend don't break as their were 7 FG's combined. The TCU Defense really controlled the tempo and DL's Chase Ortiz and Tommy Blake really pressured the Utes all day and poor WR Bryan Rowley(Utah's all time leading WR) could not get the ball and finished the day with only 5-38 yards, and DB Raymond Preist rocked him on a play over the middle and Rowley wasn't the same. Other Stats: QB Jeff Ballard 11-13 132 yards.

(141) 2001 Florida - 38
(884) 1998 Colorado - 14

In the 1st half in this one it looked it would be a game as Head Coach Rick Neuheisel's last team in Colorado, had his team pumped and ready as they took he opening drive and QB Mike Moschetti led the Buffs to a opening score by passing to WR Darren Chiaverini for a 10 yard score. After the score on Florida's first drive Rex Grossman threw a pick to nickel back Michael Lewis and he took it to the house giving the Buffs a 14-0 lead with only 6 minutes off the clock. But another coach with his last Florida team pulled the team together and they ran off 38 consecutive points for the victory, that my friend was Steve Spurrier and his orange juice. RB Ernest Graham led the charge by ending the day with 207 yards and 3 TD's and Robert Gillispie added another 75 as the Gator ground game really took contol of the game. QB Grossman had a very average day(22-33 261 yards 2 int) but hit 8 different WR's to stupify the Buff D.

(653) 1980 Purdue - 32
(372) 1979 Purdue - 35 (2 OT)

Get out the DeLorean for this one and put the pedal to 88 because we have several duplicates in this one. QB Clone Mark Herrman will be playing all time QB in this one and his combined stats are incredible.(524 yards 6 TD's 1 int). But in 1979 the defense was led by DL Kenna Turner and he was simply the best when the game was on the line. In the second overtime 1980 QB Mark Herrman scrambled left and saw Bart Burrell in the middle of the endzone but the pass tipped by Turner and picked off by Wayne Smith to secure the victory. Coach Jim Young had to coach both squads and even he got confused on who was playing what.

(397) 2007 BYU - 24
(628) 1983 Toledo - 20

Mad Max did it again with his team down 20-17 to the upstart Rockets, it was Hall who hit WR Matt Allen for a 40 yard score to complete the game and move Bronco Mendenhall and the Cougs on.

Don McPhearson has ice cold water in the veins. Great Highlight.
(909) 1990 Iowa - 21
(116) 1987 Syracuse - 32

The Cuse actually had some good teams in this tournament it is sad that the program is so terrible now. But that's what's great about this tourny as QB Don McPherson brings back the memories and cruises past the Hawkeyes. This undefeated Cuse Team seemed to be much quickier then the plodding Hawkeyes as McPhearson connected with WR Tommy Kane twice and then ball control took over as Robert Drummond and Darryl Johnston pounded the Hawk D. The Hawkeys QB Matt Rodgers couldnt get any consistency all day and the powerful RB combo of Tony Stewart and Nick Bell were smothered by DL Paul Frase, Rob Burnett and LB Terry Wooden. They combined for only 98 yards and the Hawkeye Offense was one dimensional in a hurry which spelled doom early. Other Highlights: Iowa DB Merton Hanks was only thrown at once, Iowa WB Danan Hughes had a long 80 yard reverse late in the game.

Round of 512 Matchups:
(13) 1988 Notre Dame vs (525) 2000 Clemson
(244) 2005 TCU vs (269) 1985 UCLA
(141) 2001 Florida vs (372) 1979 Purdue
(116) 1987 Syracuse vs (397) 2007 BYU


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