SECOND ROUND - Bracket 44 Results

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Round 2
(seed) year school - score

(85) 1985 Penn State - 21
(1109) 1997 Ohio - 14
Jim Grobe's option attack, led by QB Kareem Wilson and RB Steveland Hookfin, came roaring out of the gate with an 83-yard touchdown drive to start the game. But Penn State defenders Shane Conlan (LB) and Michael Zordich (SS) buckled down and held the Bobcats in check the rest of the game.

(597) 1998 Missouri - 34
(428) 1984 South Carolina - 31 (2 OT)
Much like the regular season in 1984, in which the Gamecocks started 9-0 only to finish 10-2, South Carolina jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead in this game and looked to be well on their way to advancing, only to see it all slip away with a sloppy finish. Corby Jones proved why he was one of the most underrated quarterbacks of the 90s by putting together a whale of a second half. Jones found WR Kent Layman in the end zone twice in the fourth quarter, sending the game to overtime. Then his 25-yard touchdown run on the first play of Missouri's possession in the second overtime gave Missouri the upset win, sending Larry Smith's Tigers to the Round of 512.

(341) 1984 Boston College - 30
(684) 2004 Ohio State - 24
The 2004 Ohio State team was an odd mix of talent and youth, and both were on display in their second round loss to Doug Flutie and BC. Talented freshman QB Troy Smith was suspended, so Justin Zwick took the snaps for the Buckeyes. He performed well, finding Anthony Gonzalez and Ted Ginn (another talented freshman) on touchdown passes, but was obviously outshined by his counterpart Flutie. Flutie threw for 363 yards and 4 touchdowns, but it was his game winning 48-yard "hail mary" touchdown pass to Gerald Phelan as time expired with the game tied at 24 that will be remembered as one of the highlights of the tournament.

(853) 1984 Clemson - 17
(172) 1979 Ohio State - 29
OSU sophomore quarterback Art Schlichter took control of the game early on, as per usual, and the Buckeyes kept Clemson at arms length the majority of the ballgame. Clemson's lefty QB Mike Eppley threw a couple of touchdown passes, but it was the inability of the Tiger defensive line (William Perry & Michael Dean Perry) to get to Schlichter that was their major downfall. Schlichter threw for 183 yards and ran for 76, while Calvin Murray added a long touchdown run of his own.

(213) 1982 SMU - 27
(812) 1992 Boston College - 18
Boston College got blown out of the building early by the "Pony Express", and was never really in the game. Eric Dickerson took an option pitch 60 yards on the first play of the second quarter, and QB Lance McIlhenny took it the last 9 yards into the end zone on the following play to give SMU a 7-0 lead. The Mustangs scored again on the next drive, this time on a Craig James 29-yard touchdown run, and they never looked back. BC's Chuckie Dukes had little to no success on the ground because everywhere he turned, SMU linebacker Gary Moten was there to make the tackle. Glenn Foley hit TE Pete Mitchell for a touchdown and two-point conversion in the closing minute to make the score look closer than it actually was.

(725) 1993 USC - 27
(300) 1998 Georgia Tech - 30
In an exciting second round matchup, USC's Johnnie Morton caught a touchdown pass and did the worm, Georgia Tech QB Joe Hamilton ran for over 100 yards, and WR Dez White burned Jason Sehorn for a 73-yard touchdown pass. A game that was destined to be won by whoever had the ball last was when Hamilton scrambled for a 12-yard touchdown run with just 22 seconds left to play.

(469) 1992 Nebraska - 33
(556) 2005 Texas Tech - 31
It was a battle of high powered offenses that employed contrasting styles. The Nebraska defense was a bit slow-footed at first in trying to cover WRs Robert Johnson and Joel Filani, but the Texas Tech defense was far too undisciplined to handle Nebraska's dazzling freshman QB Tommie Frazier on the option. The Nebraska "We Backs" made another successful appearance in the second round of this tournament, this time with Calvin Jones leading the way with 187 yards and 2 touchdowns. Frazier was the difference though, because when Nebraska finally found an answer to slowing down Mike Leach's offense in the fourth quarter (by sending linebacker Trev Alberts after QB Cody Hodges on nearly every play), Tech never found an answer for Frazier.

(1068) 1992 Fresno State - 27
(44) 2000 Virginia Tech - 43
It was the Michael Vick Show against a Fresno State defense that clearly wasn't used to the kind of speed Vick had on display. Vick ran for 211 yards and 3 touchdowns, and threw for 164 yards and another touchdown as the Hokies went up and down the field at will on the helpless Bulldog defense. Fresno QB Trent Dilfer played a solid game, avoiding the constant pressure from Nathanial Adibi and David Pugh to throw for 250 yards and 3 touchdowns, but it was clearly not going to be enough to keep up.

This of course sets up a dream QB matchup in the Round of 512, as Michael Vick will lead the 2000 Virginia Tech Hokies up against Tommie Frazier and the 1992 Nebraska Cornhuskers. Hook up your VCRs, or whatever people used in 1992/2000, because there will surely be plenty of highlights in that one.

Round of 512 Matchups:
(85) 1985 Penn State vs (597) 1998 Missouri
(172) 1979 Ohio State vs (341) 1984 Boston College
(213) 1982 SMU vs (300) 1998 Georgia Tech
(44) 2000 Virginia Tech vs (469) 1992 Nebraska

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B.Pike said...

Tommie Frazier is such the best player ever in college football. That Clemson Highlight is genius "Just beat It" That Vick/Frazier Matchup will be great even though it is Frazier's Freshman year.