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(70) 2002 Miami - 24
(187) 1977 Pittsburgh - 28
Larry Coker couldn't guide his stacked Hurricanes (QB Ken Dorsey, RB Willis McGahee, WR Andre Johnson, TE Kellen Winslow, S Sean Taylor, LB Jonathan Vilma) into the bracket final as Jackie Sherrill's Panthers pulled the upset.

(315) 1998 Air Force - 20
(59) 1988 Florida State - 31
Blane Morgan and 1998 Air Force upset the '79 Seminoles to get here, but the '88 FSU squad was a completely different animal - more speed, more talent, more depth. the Falcons were never really in this ballgame.


(187) 1977 Pittsburgh - 23
(59) 1988 Florida State - 24
Bobby Bowden pulled out the old Puntrooskie to set up the game winning field goal late in the fourth quarter as the Seminoles eeked past the upset minded Panthers.

Despite completely eliminating the Pittsburgh passing game and seeming to be on the verge of blowing the game open at any moment, FSU actually trailed the majority of the game. Pitt QB Matt Cavanaugh only threw for 78 yards in the game, but tailback Elliott Walker quietly kept the chains moving.

The workhourse Walker, who had to fill the rather large shoes of Tony Dorsett, had a whopping 34 carries for 136 yards and 2 touchdowns.

But Florida State's special teams won the day. In the second quarter, Deion Sanders tied the game up at 14 apiece with a 76 yard punt return for touchdown. Sanders flew through the Pitt defenders like they were standing still, prompting All American safety Bob Jury to say after the game, "that guy [Sanders] is ready for prime time."

In the fourth quarter Bowden had to dig into his bag of tricks to pull out the Puntrooskie. Trailing 23-17 in the fourth quarter, inside their own 20 yard line, Bowden called for the fake punt. The upback, Dane Williams took the quick snap and handed off to LeRoy Butler who carried the ball 78 yards to set up Richie Andrews' game winning 19-yard field goal.

1988 Florida State (#59 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Seminoles will face the winner of Bracket 6 in the first round.

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