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(62) 1999 Nebraska - 26
(195) 1985 Iowa - 23
Iowa hit a wall against Nebraska, much the way they lost their undefeated season and #1 ranking against Ohio State in 1985. Chuck Long threw four interceptions, and the defense - highlighted by All American linebacker Larry Station - couldn't keep up with Eric Crouch.

(190) 1992 Texas A&M - 17
(67) 1985 Florida - 21
The Wrecking Crew (LB Marcus Buckley, DT Sam Adams, CB Aaron Glenn) played a fantastic ballgame, but Kerwin Bell and the Florida passing game had just enough juice to outscore a faltering Aggie offense.


(62) 1999 Nebraska - 23
(67) 1985 Florida - 19
Nebraska's secondary came up big against a good passing game for the second straight game to secure the '99 Huskers' spot in the Bracket of Champions.

Florida quarterback Kerwin Bell played his worst game of the tournament going up against a secondary that featured Ralph and Mike Brown, as well as Keyuo Craver. Bell completed just 13 of his 33 pass attempts, and was picked off twice.

Eric Johnson played a big role in the game for the Blackshirts as well. The speedy linebacker (a former safety) covered Neal Anderson and John L. Williams out of the backfield, eliminating the short passing game that was so crucial to the Florida offense.

Nebraska's offense didn't fare much better than Florida's, but the Huskers got a boost from all purpose threat Bobby Newcombe. Newcombe had two long punt returns that set up scores. He also caught a 45-yard pass and had a 32-yard run - both on third downs - to provide a jolt on offense.

1999 Nebraska (#62 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Cornhuskers will face the winner of Bracket 3 in the first round.

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