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(66) 1978 Penn State - 20
(191) 2006 Auburn - 14
In a defensive struggle, Auburn simply couldn't generate enough offense to advance.

(194) 1989 USC - 14
(63) 1985 Oklahoma - 21
This is definitely one of the more defensive oriented brackets in the bunch. You know that's the case when a USC defense that featured three All Americans - DE Tim Ryan, LB Junior Seau, and S Mark Carrier - wasn't even the best defense in the stadium. The Sooners got to QB Todd Marinovich early and clearly rattled the signal caller as he threw three interceptions in the loss.


(66) 1978 Penn State - 16
(63) 1985 Oklahoma - 18
Another Bracket Final, another classic coaching matchup. Barry Switzer and Joe Paterno faced off with as much - or more - on the line as the Orange Bowl at the end of the 1985 season. The national championship was up for grabs in that game, but the winner of this game earns a berth in the Bracket of Champions, which allows them the opportunity to be crowned "Greatest Team of ALL TIME".

With two great defenses on the field, it's no surprise neither team reached 20 points. The difference here was Oklahoma's speed advantage.

Brian Bosworth and the Sooner defense held the Penn State running game in check most of the game, which allowed defensive linemen Tony Casillas and Kevin Murphy to put the pressure on QB Chuck Fusina. OU only picked up 2 sacks, but the pressure altered several Fusina throws, and one of the sacks was in the end zone for a safety.

Fusina also threw two interceptions, one that Derrick Crudup returned 44 yards to set up a Tim Lashar field goal. Freshman quarterback Jamelle Holieway, playing for the injured Troy Aikman, capped the Sooner victory with a touchdown pass to tight end Keith Jackson in the fourth quarter.

1985 Oklahoma (#63 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Sooners will face the winner of Bracket 2 in the first round.

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