B.o.C. - BEAR REGION - Round 1

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(seed) year school - score

(1) 1983 Auburn - 18
(64) 1994 Florida State - 23
The number one overall seed in the tournament fell to a potent Florida State team. The Florida State front seven, highlighted by All American linebacker Derrick Brooks and defensive linemen Andre Wadsworth & Derrick Alexander, held Bo Jackson to 72 yards on 24 carries. Pat Dye was forced to turn to his passing game and quarterback Randy Campbell did not respond well.

For Florida State, fullback Zack Crockett scored two touchdowns and Sean Hamlet nearly returned an interception for a touchdown.

(17) 1992 Alabama - 17
(48) 1996 Ohio State - 21
The Alabama defense dominated Joe Germaine and the Ohio State offense for a while, but Stanley Jackson came to the rescue and bailed the Buckeyes out in the fourth quarter.

Through three quarters the Ohio State offense had only managed 166 yards of offense and the Buckeyes trailed 17-7. Tailback Pepe Pearson finished with just 34 yards rushing.

But in the fourth quarter, Jackson, playing in place of Germaine (2 interceptions to George Teague) at quarterback, used his athleticism to avoid the hellacious Crimson Tide pass rush. He only rushed for 13 yards, but his evasiveness in the pocket allowed him to hook up with freshman wideout David Boston for two fourth quarter touchdowns. Free safety Rod Kelly picked off a Jay Barker pass in the closing seconds to secure the upset.

Even though they lost here in the Round of 64, Alabama fans will always have fond memories of the gutsy National Championship team of 1992.

(9) 1986 Penn State - 20
(73) 1998 Ohio State - 21
John Cooper picked up another big upset victory over a national championship team here in the Bracket of Champions. Linebackers Andy Katzenmoyer and Na'il Diggs combined for 23 tackles and played a pivotal role in holding D.J. Dozier, Blair Thomas, and the rest of the Penn State running game to just 77 rushing yards.

Offensively, the Buckeyes struggled against Shane Conlan and the fantastic Penn state defense. The difference in the game, though, was that Ohio State had enough athleticism on offense in players like tailback Michael Wiley and now-Junior receiver David Boston.

(25) 1977 Penn State - 23
(40) 1981 Penn State - 29 (OT)
It took overtime to decide this battle of the Penn States featuring Chuck Fusina at QB for the '77 Nittany Lions and Todd Blackledge at QB for the '81 edition.

The defenses, as has been the case so far here in the Bear Region, controlled the game throughout the first half. Bruce Clark and Matt Millen stayed busy harassing Blackledge, while the '81 team boasted Walker Lee Ashley and Leo Wisniewski along their defensive front.

Running back Curt Warner ended up being the difference in the game. The Junior ran for 54 of his 77 yards in the second half, and tacked on the game winning touchdown in the first overtime period.

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