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(121) 2008 USC - 25
(136) 1997 Georgia - 16
The excellent USC defense prevented Corey Allen (or Hines Ward, for that matter) from making any last minute miracle touchdown catches from Mike Bobo.

(249) 2001 Oklahoma - 17
(8) 2002 Ohio State - 21
A great performance by Rocky Calmus, Roy Williams, and the rest of the Oklahoma defense was wasted because the offense couldn't manufacture enough points. Nate Hybl threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown, and Quentin Griffin only managed 32 yards.


(121) 2008 USC - 22
(8) 2002 Ohio State - 17
Ouch. Ohio State has taken so many beatings over the last couple years, this loss by their best team to a USC team that beat them in 2008 has to hurt.

The Buckeye defense did their job. Will Smith and company pressured Mark Sanchez into a 15-for-29 day, and ended with 2 of his team's 4 sacks. They even held the Trojan running game to 78 yards on the day.

But Craig Krenzel, who seemed to pull a miracle out of his pocket every time the Buckeyes were on the ropes in the 2002 season, ran out of magic. His interception to Kevin Ellison with 1:07 remaining sealed the victory for USC.

Even though Jim Tressel's best team couldn't claim a spot next to John Cooper's two teams in the Bracket of Champions, he'll always have the national championship trophy to make himself feel better.

2008 USC (#121 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Trojans will face the winner of Bracket 57 in the first round.

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