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(58) 1985 Michigan - 26
(199) 2000 Nebraska - 21
Nebraska fans showed up in droves and watched as Eric Crouch put on a show (133 yards rushing, 156 yards passing). But the Cornhusker special teams allowed two kick returns for touchdowns that led to their elimination.

(186) 1989 Michigan - 16
(71) 1979 Pittsburgh - 19
Bo Schembechler leaned heavily on his big backs, Leroy Hoard and Jarrod Bunch, but they never really got any momentum going against Jackie Sherrill's excellent Pitt defense.


(58) 1985 Michigan - 18
(71) 1979 Pittsburgh - 13
Pittsburgh was facing their second consecutive Bo Schembechler-coached Michigan team, and their luck finally ran out against the coaching legend.

So far in this tournament the modern teams have been having a lot of success against the older teams. Finally we get a bracket final matchup featuring two old school teams - with an old school defensive battle.

The biggest difference in the game was how the two quarterbacks handled the pressure applied by the defenses. The veteran Jim Harbaugh side stepped Pitt's 2-time All American Hugh Green time and again while keeping his eyes glued downfield. Freshman Dan Marino on the other hand took a pounding from Mark Hammerstein and threw 2 interceptions.

Jamie Morris ran for 69 yards and a touchdown and was the primary workhorse on the ground in the Michigan attack. Kicker Mike Gillette made three of his four field goal attempts in the win.

1985 Michigan (#58 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Wolverines will face the winner of Bracket 7 in the first round.

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