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(101) 1993 West Virginia - 21
(156) 1996 Nebraska - 30
One of Don Nehlen's best teams exited the tournament in a way much too familiar to Mountaineer fans. After an impressive march through the first three rounds of the tournament, West Virginia hit a wall and were blown out by the explosive Huskers.

(229) 1987 Texas A&M - 16
(28) 1981 Pittsburgh - 25
Jackie Sherrill added his name to the list of many coaches in this tournament to pull double duty coaching both teams in a single game. His '87 Aggies were no match for his '81 Panthers, but John Roper and Bucky Richardson didn't make it easy for Pitt.


(156) 1996 Nebraska - 25
(28) 1981 Pittsburgh - 23
Some said the fact that Nebraska got the chance to rest many of their starters in the second half in the blowout over West Virginia in the Bracket Semi-Final matchup while Pitt struggled to close out the Aggies in their Semi-Final matchup wouldn't be an issue here. But it turned out to be the deciding factor as the Huskers wore down the Panthers in the fourth quarter and stole a berth in the Bracket of Champions.

The Cornhuskers suffered two heartbreaking losses during the 1996 season (a shutout loss to Arizona State and a loss to Texas in the Big XII championship game on a trick play), and they clearly brought the memory of those two losses into this game.

It didn't start off well for Nebraska, though. Pitt got on the board first on a touchdown pass from Dan Marino to Julius Dawkins. In fact, the Panthers carried a 20-12 lead into the fourth quarter, despite 2 sacks by Nebraska linebacker Jamel Williams.

That's when Aaron Taylor and the Nebraska offensive line started to take over. Scott Frost, a big quarterback, carried the ball 9 times in the final stanza for 73 yards and a touchdown, and Ahman Green added the game winning touchdown and 41 yards. More importantly, the duo did not turn the ball over (a bugaboo in '96) en route to dominating the fourth quarter.

1996 Nebraska (#156 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Cornhuskers will face the winner of Bracket 37 in the first round.

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