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(10) 2004 USC - 27
(266) 1979 Nebraska - 17
Even with talented offensive skill players like TE Junior Miller and RBs Jarvis Redwine & I.M. Hipp, Nebraska couldn't keep up with the talented Trojans.

(138) 1984 BYU - 24
(119) 1984 Florida - 23
The de-facto National Championship game for the 1984 season was played 25 years after the fact, here in a bracket semi-final of The Greatest Tournament of All Time. QB Kerwin Bell played a solid game for Florida, but the running game inexplicably disappeared and it cost the Gators down the stretch when they couldn't drain the clock.


(10) 2004 USC - 31
(138) 1984 BYU - 20
Another Bracket Final - another excellent quarterback matchup. Heisman Trophy Winner Matt Leinart took the field ready to take advantage of his speedy weapons against the '84 BYU defense. The National Champion Cougars had Robbie Bosco, who knows a thing or two about throwing the football around the yard.

The biggest difference between the two teams was on the defensive side of the ball, though. Bosco spent a large portion of the first half running for his life thanks to the pressure applied by defensive linemen Shaun Cody, Lawrence Jackson, and Mike Patterson. In fact, BYU only picked up 6 first downs and scored just 7 points in the first half.

Leinart, on the other hand, threw for nearly 200 yards in a first half that saw him throw three touchdown passes.

In the second half Pete Carroll let his running game do the dirty work - LenDale White piled up 78 yards in the final two quarters. So even though Bosco got rolling a little bit in the third quarter, USC was able to milk the clock and wear out BYU linebackers Marv Allen, Kurt Gouvea, and Cary Whittingham.

2004 USC (#10 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Trojans will face the winner of Bracket 55 in the first round.

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