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(125) 1977 Kentucky - 20
(132) 1999 Alabama - 19
An underrated Alabama team came up short to Kentucky when backup kicker Chris Kemp missed an extra point in the fourth quarter (no penalty to bail him out this time). Despite an impressive array of offensive weapons that included RB Shaun Alexander, WR Freddie Milons, and QB Andrew Zow, Mike DuBose's '99 Crimson Tide are going home

(260) 1995 Notre Dame - 17
(4) 2001 Miami - 35
Notre Dame, behind sophomore quarterback Ron Powlus, couldn't keep it very close against one of the best teams in the whole tournament field.


(125) 1977 Kentucky - 13
(4) 2001 Miami - 28
Coach Fran Curci's excellent defense played about as well as Kentucky fans could have hoped for, but the 2001 Miami squad was just too good.

All American defensive end Art Still held his own in the trenches against Bryant McKinnie. The big senior even picked up a sack of Ken Dorsey in the third quarter after getting close several times in the first half.

Miami was able to put the ball in the end zone four times, though, thanks to a sizeable portion of speed to go along with a heaping helping of talent. Ken Dorsey threw two touchdown passes, including a 50-yarder to Daryl Jones.

The Kentucky offense never figured out a way to break the Hurricane defense. Linebackers Jonathan Vilma, D.J. Williams, and Chris Campbell completely shut down the option game by keying on quarterback - and leading rusher - Derrick Ramsey and limiting him to negative yards rushing. In fact, Kentucky only gained 164 yards on the day, and gave up a score when Jerome McDougle took a Ramsey fumble 18 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter.

This Hurricanes team has to be one of the favorites in this tournament.

2001 Miami (#4 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Hurricanes will face the winner of Bracket 61 in the first round.

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