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RESULTS - Round of 512

(125) 1977 Kentucky - 25
(388) 1984 Maryland - 18
Frank Reich threw a touchdown pass to Greg Hill to give Maryland a 7-0 lead over the favored Kentucky Wildcats. But Reich suffered a separated shoulder on the next Maryland drive and sat out the rest of the game. Stan Gelbaugh came in the game and performed admirably, but simply wasn't ready to face Art Still and the rest of a solid Kentucky defense. Kentucky quarterback Derrick Ramsey raced up and down the field with ease against LB Chuck Faucette and the Maryland defense, compiling 99 yards rushing to go along with his 163 yards passing.

(381) 1985 Maryland - 23
(132) 1999 Alabama - 26
Another Bobby Ross Maryland team bites the dust, this time against Shaun Alexander and the '99 Crimson Tide. After opening the game with a Rick Badanjek touchdown to go up 7-0, Maryland had a little momentum. Then Keeta Covington picked off an Andrew Zow pass on the ensuing Alabama possession. But Kenny Smith picked up a sack on Stan Gelbaugh in the end zone for a safety, killing the Terrapin momentum. Then Alexander started chewing up yards and clock for Alabama and the Tide never let up. The big senior finished with 31 carries for 189 yards and 3 touchdowns to win going away.

(253) 1992 Stanford - 21
(260) 1995 Notre Dame - 23
Coaching matchups don't come much better than this one: Bill Walsh vs. Lou Holtz. Granted, neither one of these two teams are among the coaches best teams, but it was still an intriguing matchup. Holtz won this matchup, but just barely. Linebacker Kory Minor played a key role in disrupting QB Steve Stenstrom's timing in the West Coast passing game. Minor always seemed to be in the passing lane, knocking down 3 passes on the day. Then, with a 23-21 lead and Stanford driving late, another Irish linebacker came up with a big play. Kinnon Tatum hammered Glyn Milburn, forcing him to fumble. Notre Dame recovered and held on for the win. Randy Kinder had 89 yards and a touchdown to lead the Irish.

(509) 1996 Syracuse - 16
(4) 2001 Miami - 35
Syracuse could have used some help from basketballer John Wallace in this one, because they got run off the field by arguably the best team in the tournament. Seriously, this Miami team is stacked. The Syracuse defense didn't have a chance against the following star studded cast: QB Ken Dorsey, WRs Andre Johnson, Ethenic Sands, Daryl Jones, TE Jeremy Shockey, and RBs Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, and Najeh Davenport. The Canes piled up 445 yards of offense and 5 touchdowns against the Orange while a defense that is equally loaded (we'll have plenty of time to dissect the defensive unit later in the tournament) held Donovan McNabb and the Syracuse offense to just 264 yards.

Bracket Semifinals:
(125) 1977 Kentucky vs (132) 1999 Alabama
(4) 2001 Miami vs (260) 1995 Notre Dame

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