THIRD ROUND - Bracket 47 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(82) 2001 Oregon - 24
(431) 1983 Michigan - 23
Michigan started off strong, but Harrington magic prevailed in the end. Quarterback Steve Smith had good chemistry with TE Sim Nelson in the first quarter, and the running of Rick Rogers opened up a play action pass to Triando Markray that went 67 yards for a touchdown. Michigan held a 17-7 lead at halftime, but Joey Harrington and the Ducks took over in the second half. Harrington directed three scoring drives - all spanning over 75 yards - and lived up to his "Captain Comeback" nickname. Onterrio Smith helped out along the way, rushing for 66 yards and catching a touchdown pass in the second half alone.

(338) 1984 Oklahoma State - 16
(175) 1987 Nebraska - 26
Quarterback Steve Taylor led the Huskers out to an early 14-0 lead on two touchdown passes and never looked back. Thurman Thomas only eeked out 45 yards rushing against the Blackshirts.

(210) 1999 Kansas State - 27
(303) 2006 Wisconsin - 19
Bret Bielema's first Wisconsin squad was often criticized for playing a weak schedule, and it finally caught up to them in this tournament. Ironically, the Badgers run came to an end against Bill Snyder and Kansas State - a school renowned for playing weak schedules. Linebacker Mark Simoneau brought the lumber and knocked around Wisconsin RB P.J. Hill all game long. Safety Jarrod Cooper locked up on TE Travis Beckum and held him scoreless. David Allen broke the game open early in the third quarter with a 78-yard punt return that set up an easy Jonathan Beasley touchdown.

(559) 1990 San Jose State - 20
(47) 1989 Tennessee - 28
After a close call in the second round, the '89 Volunteers dismissed San Jose State with relative ease in the third round. Reggie Cobb had a 79-yard touchdown run and Alvin Harper caught a 44-yard touchdown pass from Andy Kelly in the win. Spartan QB Ralph Martini caught fire for a short time in the fourth quarter and tacked on a couple late touchdowns to make the score look closer than it actually was. But tailback Sheldon Canley could never get going against Johnny Majors' tough Tennessee front seven.

Bracket Semifinals:
(82) 2001 Oregon vs (175) 1987 Nebraska
(47) 1989 Tennessee vs (210) 1999 Kansas State

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