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RESULTS - Round of 512

(61) 1983 Georgia - 19
(452) 1991 Clemson - 16
A very good Clemson team couldn't muster enough offense to get by Vince Dooley's 1983 Georgia team. Kevin Butler kicked 4 field goals for the Bulldogs in the winning effort, and QB DeChance Cameron never got going for Clemson the way he has in the past.

(317) 1991 Bowling Green - 23
(196) 2007 Missouri - 37
Chase Daniel and Missouri gave Gary Blackney and Bowling Green a tutorial on the spread offense long before the Falcons first tried to implement it. Daniel was on-point all day, completing 30-of-36 passes for 323 yards and 4 touchdowns. Tight ends Martin Rucker and Chase Coffman were his primary targets as the Bowling Green defense was clearly not accustomed to seeing players with their size run as fast and catch as well as they do. Bye Ziggy Zoomba.

It seems that Missouri is going to make another entry into the best rap of the tournament:

(189) 2003 Miami, Ohio - 31
(324) 2000 Kansas State - 29
Another matchup featuring a Big XII team and a MAC team. But this time it was the MAC team with superior quarterback play that enabled them to pick up the win and advance. Ben Roethlisberger stood tall in the pocket and passed for over 250 yards against a talented Wildcat defense. On the other side of the ball, linebacker Terna Nande picked up 13 tackles playing a key part in containing QB Jonathan Beasley and RB Josh Scobey on the option. Might as well keep the Smashing Pumpkins music/highlight video trend going...

(445) 1985 Georgia Tech - 10
(68) 1980 Florida State - 24
You can blame this loss on one thing: Georgia Tech head coach Bill Curry's pants (check the vid). You can't wear pants that tight and expect to make adjustments when Ron Simmons and his linebacker pals Paul Piurowski and Reggie Herring start taking your offense apart. The Yellow Jackets had to fight for all 189 of their yards because the Seminole defense was there at every turn. The Georgia Tech defense played their guts out, particularly defensive end Mark Pike, but they were put in bad position by their offense too many times to win the game on their own.

Bracket Semifinals:
(61) 1983 Georgia vs (196) 2007 Missouri
(68) 1980 Florida State vs (189) 2003 Miami, Ohio

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