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(seed) year school - score

(33) 2000 Miami - 31
(289) 1998 Kansas State - 27
Michael Bishop was a bad man, but he didn't have enough in the tank to knock off Butch Davis' Hurricanes.

(161) 1995 Ohio State - 19
(96) 1986 Oklahoma - 30
The explosive Ohio State offense (Eddie George, Terry Glenn) was no match for a loaded Sooner defense.


(33) 2000 Miami - 23
(96) 1986 Oklahoma - 27

Barry Switzer was 0-3 against Miami in the 1980s, but here in The Greatest Tournament of all time, Switzer didn't have to face Jimmy Johnson's 'Canes. This time it was Butch Davis leading the favored Hurricanes into the Bracket 33 Final, with a berth in the Bracket of Champions on the line.

Two great defenses took the field in this classic rivalry. Miami was led by Dan Morgan and Ed Reed, while Oklahoma's D featured the incomparable Brian Bosworth. Bosworth was a monster early on against the Miami running game (James Jackson, Clinton Portis), and he even picked up a sack on Ken Dorsey.

On the other side of the ball, Miami's speed was neutralized by the running of fullback Lydell Carr and a 50-yard play action pass to Keith Jackson early in the game. That opened things up for quarterback Jamelle Holieway to break loose on a couple of option keepers.

But Miami refused to go away, and even regained the lead early in the third quarter when an Ed Reed interception return for touchdown put the 'Canes up 20-17. But Holieway bounced right back and confidently threw a touchdown pass to Keith Jackson on the ensuing possession to give the Sooners a lead they would not relinquish.

1986 Oklahoma (#96 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Sooners will face the winner of Bracket 32 in the first round.

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