THIRD ROUND - Bracket 59 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(70) 2002 Miami - 32
(582) 1982 Alabama - 21
1982 was the last season Bear Bryant coached Alabama. His final team played hard, but ultimately fell to the supremely talented Hurricanes.

(326) 2008 Penn State - 21
(187) 1977 Pittsburgh - 25
Evan Royster showed his burst and ran for 143 yards, but the Penn State defense fell apart at the worst possible time against their in-state rivals. Pitt QB Matt Kavanaugh led two scoring drives in the final 7 minutes and Bob Jury picked off a Daryll Clark pass with 32 seconds remaining to secure the win.

(198) 1979 Florida State - 20
(315) 1998 Air Force - 23
After beating Northern Illinois and San Jose State teams in the first two rounds of the tournament, everybody expected 1998 Air Force to get tossed aside by a superior Florida State team. Not so fast my friend. This Fisher DeBerry-coached squad didn't get here by laying down against Goliath. Quarterback Blane Morgan carried the ball 23 times for 121 yards and a touchdown, and also threw a 63-yard touchdown pass to Matt Farmer to lead the Falcons past the favored Seminoles.

(454) 1979 Washington - 17
(59) 1988 Florida State - 27
Florida State's linebackers (Felton Hayes, Shelton Thompson, Kelvin Smith) stuck to their assignments and played flawlessly against Don James' running attack, leading FSU past the Huskies into the semi-finals of Bracket 59.

Bracket Semifinals:
(70) 2002 Miami vs (187) 1977 Pittsburgh
(59) 1988 Florida State vs (315) 1998 Air Force

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