THIRD ROUND - Bracket 29 Results

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RESULTS - Round of 512

(29) 1997 Tennessee - 30
(541) 2000 Michigan - 23
Peyton Manning exacted revenge on Michigan for his Heisman Snub in 1997 by tossing the ball all over the field to the tune of 361 yards and 2 TD's. The explosive Michigan offense was reigned in by Al Wilson and the rest of the Vols defense - Phillip Fulmer couldn't have drawn up better game plan. By the end of the game, Drew Henson decided that taking these sorts of beatings aren't his cup of tea, making baseball his most likely sport of choice for a professional career.

(285) 1996 Tennessee - 26
(228) 1979 Central Michigan - 20
Some wonder if Central Michigan truly earned their seed in this tournament with their arguably weak schedule. The Chips had their chance to "Shock the World", as tailback Willie Todd had plastered all over the locker room leading up to this matchup. Unfortunately for Central Michigan, Peyton Manning and Coach Fulmer had a few tricks up their sleeves. The Chips stayed within striking distance the majority of the game but Tennessee put it away late in the fourth quarter. CMU QB Gary Hogeboom connected with Mike Ball on a last second Hail Mary to make the score look closer than the game actually was.

(157) 1998 Wisconsin - 27
(356) 1982 Tulsa - 17
Tulsa countered the freight train known as Ron Dayne with their own Michael Gunter. Unfortunately for the Golden Hurricane, the Badgers had All American Tom Burke anchoring the front which proved to be more than enough to shut down Tulsa's go-to guy. Dayne, on the other hand, found the going fairly easy and chugged to a pedestrian 22 carries for 160 yards and 2 TD's.

(413) 1986 Washington - 16
(100) 2006 Ohio State - 27
Don James' early versions of Purple Reign hadn't seen a QB with the athletic ability of Troy Smith before and it showed as Ohio State held the Husky offense off the field while putting together time consuming offensive drives. The first drive UW got on offense was a costly one as Chris Chandler suffered what would prove to be a tournament ending concussion. Without Chandler under center, the Buckeyes zoned in on the running game not allowing much to happen for Washington. Bucks won this one going away.

Bracket Semifinals:
(29) 1997 Tennessee vs (285) 1996 Tennessee
(100) 2006 Ohio State vs (157) 1998 Wisconsin

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