THIRD ROUND - Bracket 41 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(41) 1977 Notre Dame - 31
(472) 2002 Boise State - 20
Notre Dame head coach Dan Devine decided to go with Joe Montana as his starting quarterback here in the third round, and Montana didn't disappoint. Relying heavily on his All American tight end Ken MacAfee (7 receptions for 131 yards, 2 touchdowns), Montana paced the Irish attack while Bob Golic and the defense shut down the explosive Boise State offense.

(297) 2004 Miami - 23
(216) 2002 Michigan - 20
The Miami defensive line won the battle in the trenches, which eventually won them the game. Defensive end Baraka Atkins got after Michigan QB John Navarre, who doesn't move around well in the pocket, and picked up an eye popping 3 sacks. The Michigan defense played well enough to keep the Wolverines in the game, but Hurricane QB Brock Berlin was often able to scramble to avoid the rush, and he too got a lot of help from his tight end Kevin Everett.

(169) 1994 Texas A&M - 20
(344) 1985 Arkansas - 17
In a defensive battle, it was the A&M running game that made the difference. With the Wrecking Crew shutting down Greg Thomas and the Arkansas wishbone, Leeland McElroy and Rodney Thomas were able to slowly chip away at the defense and pick up enough first downs to win the field position battle.

(425) 1988 Syracuse - 14
(88) 1998 Florida State - 26
Florida State rode their defense and a lucky bounce on offense to an easy win over Rob moore and Syracuse. Tay Cody and Derrick Gibson each picked off passes from Syracuse QB Todd Philcox, while Corey Simon once again disrupted the running game (Robert Drummond, Daryl Johnston).

Bracket Semifinals:
(41) 1977 Notre Dame vs (297) 2004 Miami
(88) 1998 Florida State vs (169) 1994 Texas A&M

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