THIRD ROUND - Bracket 17 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(17) 1992 Alabama - 29
(496) 2007 Oregon - 20
The '92 Crimson Tide defense continued their rampage through Bracket 17. Oregon had arguably the best offense in the bracket, with trigger man Dennis Dixon and stud tailbacks Jonathan Stewart and Jeremiah Johnson. But defensive linemen John Copeland and Eric Curry manhandled the Oregon O-Line, stifling the potent running game.

(273) 1988 Michigan - 17
(240) 1980 Alabama - 20
The Alabama offense held the ball the majority of the first half, enabling the Tide to transfer a 13-0 halftime lead into a third round victory. Linebacker Thomas Boyd made 15 tackles and played a major role in holding Michigan (Tony Boles, Leroy Hoard) to just 67 rushing yards.

(145) 2001 Nebraska - 33
(368) 1988 Southern Miss - 19
Southern Miss quarterback Brett Favre didn't have enough firepower surrounding him in the Golden Eagle offense to overcome Eric Crouch and the Huskers. Crouch ran for 186 yards, 95 on an impressive touchdown jaunt in the second quarter, and Dahrran Diedrick added 108 yards and a touchdown in the blowout.

(401) 1988 Washington State - 26
(112) 2007 LSU - 37
Washington State was actually able to puncture the loaded Tiger defense thanks to the play of Mike Utley and the offensive line. They were able neutralize the LSU defensive line and give quarterback Timm Rosenbach time to throw. Unfortunately the Cougars couldn't stop the LSU offense at all. The Tigers amassed 522 yards and had an answer for every Wazzu score.

Bracket Semifinals:
(17) 1992 Alabama vs (240) 1980 Alabama
(112) 2007 LSU vs (145) 2001 Nebraska

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