THIRD ROUND - Bracket 16 Results


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RESULTS - Round of 512

(113) 2003 LSU - 24
(625) 1999 Miami - 16
The LSU defense overwhelmed Kenny Kelly and the Miami offense en route to eliminating Butch Davis' Hurricanes. Kelly turned the ball over four times thanks to the pressure applied by the LSU defensive front (Marcus Spears, Chad Lavalais, Kyle Williams, Marquise Hill). LSU corners Corey Webster and Travis Daniels also had a good day in man coverage, keeping Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne from being factors in the contest.

(369) 1992 Washington - 30
(144) 1998 UCLA - 31
UCLA never panicked despite falling behind in this game on four different occasions. The Washington defense, which played very well in the first two rounds of the tournament, couldn't stop Bob Toledo's UCLA offense here in the third round. Every time Washington would take the lead, the Bruins answered with a touchdown, including the game winning touchdown pass from Cade McNown to Brian Poli-Dixon with 1:01 left in the game. Napoleon Kaufman rushed for 188 yards and 3 touchdowns in a losing effort for the Huskies.

(241) 1993 Wisconsin - 24
(272) 1983 Clemson - 22
Danny Ford's 5-2 defense, paced by defensive linemen Terence Mack & William DeVane and linebacker Eldridge Milton, looked to be up to the challenge of shutting down Wisconsin's powerful running game. But Brent Moss and Terrell Fletcher began to wear down the Tigers stop unit in the second half. The Badger duo carried the ball a total of 49 times in the game, and amassed 98 yards in the fourth quarter with the game on the line to win and advance.

(497) 2003 Nebraska - 14
(16) 1998 Tennessee - 26
Al Wilson and the Tennessee defense had to face Missouri QB Brad Smith in the first round, so they were prepared for Nebraska's Jammal Lord. Lord struggled to break loose as the Vol defense forced him to pitch on the option nearly every time, and kept him in the pocket on passing plays. Lord did manage to make one big play with his arm - a 56-yard touchdown pass to tight end Matt Herian at the end of the second quarter to pull the Huskers within 6 points. But Tee Martin threw a touchdown pass to Peerless Price on the Vols opening possession of the second half and kept Nebraska at arms length the rest of the way.

Bracket Semifinals:
(113) 2003 LSU vs (144) 1998 UCLA
(16) 1998 Tennessee vs (241) 1993 Wisconsin

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