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(114) 1978 Oklahoma - 26
(143) 2006 Michigan - 21
Mike Hart and LaMarr Woodley led the Michigan offense and defense, respectively. But in the end the 1978 Sooners were just a little bit better.

(242) 1989 Clemson - 15
(15) 1991 Miami - 22
Two excellent defenses took the field, but Danny Ford's Clemson Tigers couldn't match the Hurricanes' offensive punch.


(114) 1978 Oklahoma - 17
(15) 1991 Miami - 24
The 1978 Sooners had a pleasant experience in Miami, but they weren't playing against this Miami team.

Miami linebackers Michael Barrow and Jessie Armstead had their hands full chasing Heisman Trophy winning running back Billy Sims around - Sims finished with 121 yards - but the rest of the Sooners Wishbone attack suffered from technical difficulties against the potent 'Canes.

Gino Torretta threw three touchdown passes for Miami in Dennis Erickson's big play offense and Carlos Huerta added a 43-yard field goal. Sims tacked on a touchdown late to make the score look close, but make no mistake, Miami dominated this one from the get go.

1991 Miami (#15 overall seed) advances to the Bracket of Champions. The Hurricanes will face the winner of Bracket 50 in the first round.

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