BP25-#22 Alabama Crimson Tide

As my counterpart continues his uzi like assault on college football analysis, it is time for me to catch up so here is a quick review of my rankings:

#22-Alabama Crimson Tide:

I look for the Nick Saban stamp on things to continue to improve in Tuscaloosa, another solid recruiting class and another year with JPW(John Parker Wilson). Terry Grant should step up this year as he has pushed his competition to the OLB job(Jimmy Johns moves) and despite losing all 3 top recievers, Me and Julio Jones will be down by the touchdown yard this year(old Paul Simon reference). Rolando McCain and JJohns should improve the overall speed on the defense and should show a gradual improvement with Saban's guys showing up.

Schedule wise they start out with this year's sweetheart darkhorse pick Clemson, which should be a fantastic game in Hotlanta. As far as SEC they have to go to Georgia(where they lost in OT last year in Tuscaloosa), at Tennessee(who they blew out last year 41-17), at LSU(Sure the Jungle Tiger is licking his chops to get Saban back to see what he gave up) and wrap up with Rival Auburn which will be tougher this year now that Auburn has a QB. So Tide fans the road looks tough but with 4 tough games they should finish with a strong record.

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