BP25- #10 Auburn Tigers

So long Brandon Cox or the govenor switch on the Auburn Program. Now we can finally see what this team is capable of.

Offense-Put any QB here. Kodi Burns will be great in this offense and the RB core of Ben Tate, Brad Lester and Mario Fannin will be toughest trio in the SEC. WR is solid with Montez Billings and Rodgerious Smith and OL returns 5 starters. So the offense is poised for a big season.

Defense-You gotta love Trey Blackmon, but he is his worst enemy. If he can get his off the field under control he could be a lottery pick. The defense overall is solid but not spectacular they lost alot from the previous year(Patrick Lee, Josh Thompson(leading tackler) Quentin Groves(very overrated though) and Johnathan Wilhite), so several players will have to step up, but the Tuberville pantry is stocked, watch for Craig Stevens-LB and Zac Etheridge-SS to fill the void.

Schedule: The only tough game is in Morgantown vs W Virginia, but they should stomp them. SEC road games include trips to............Alabama, and that is it. They get LSU, Tennessee and Georgia all at home. So now that Cox is out, it will be interesting to see how high this team can go, and it will improve on its 9 wins last year.

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