Best Non-BCS Conference RBs

1. Ian Johnson, Boise State
Everybody knows who Ian Johnson is thanks to Boise State's big upset victory over Oklahoma two seasons ago in the Fiesta Bowl. Johnson's the guy who scored the winning points on a Statue of Liberty two-point conversion run and then subsequently proposed to his girlfriend. Johnson had some injury problems in 2007 and didn't play in two regular season games and only got 4 carries in the bowl game. He's the best all around back not in a BCS conference, with impressive career numbers of 3,418 yards and 45 touchdowns.

2. Damion Fletcher, Southern Miss
Fletcher is hot on Johnson's heels though with a bit more speed and two more seasons of eligibility to go. In two seasons in Hattiesburg he has surpassed the 100 yard mark in 16 games. Fletcher has an impressive 2,974 yards and 26 touchdowns already in his career.

3. Eugene Jarvis, Kent State
Pound for pound Eugene Jarvis has to be mentioned among the discussion of best running backs in the nation. Jarvis stands only 5-foot-5 and weighs in at only 170 pounds, but he's quickly establishing himself as one of the most feared backs in the nation. After being passed on in recruiting by all the BCS conference schools in the area, Jarvis has a chip on his shoulder and is out to prove all the recruiters that he can play big time football despite his size. With his quickness and ability to hide behind his offensive line and explode when a hole opens up, he'll be a nightmare for MAC defensive coordinators for the next two seasons.

4. Darrell Mack, Utah
5. Tyrell Fenroy, UL-Lafayette

Deonte Jackson, Idaho
Luke Lippincott, Nevada

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