BP25- #18 Kansas Jayhawks

Well Jabba looks like you still have Boba Fett for another year. (Star Wars reference if you were born after 1990) The Mangino rolls onto the field again this year leading the BCS Orange Bowl Champions.(I still can't believe what I am writing). But I have to hand it to them they looked really good last year and seem to be continuing the trend this year. Of course Todd Reesing is back and his mind boggling 33-7 ratio TD-INT but what goes unnoticed his big time wideouts. I know they lose Marcus Henry, but Dexton Fields and Dezmon Briscoe are back whom I still think don't get enought credit, they will represent this year.

The defense returns 9 Starters and 7 of their top 8 tacklers. Led by Mike Rivera and Joe Mortensen in middle this should be another respectable defense. The weakness on the D will be in the middle of DL and the loss of Aqib, but despite that they should be good enough to give the offense the needed stops to outscore the opposition. The schedule however is tough the go to USF(whom they beat in 2006), @ Oklahoma(Mangino's Obi Wan), @ Nebraska(76 points given up, Pelini will have something to say about that), and wrap up @ Missour in Kansas City, other then that it looks like they will easily stroll to at least 8 wins, which would garner them another Bowl for Jabba to eat out of.

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J.Pike said...

Good call on the wideouts. The schedule is significantly more difficult this year though, so your boy Reesing had better be ready.