BP25- # 13 Texas Longhorns

Since my Partner will go on and on and on about how Great his horns are, I will leave the info and breakdown of players to him. I am still living in the past when James Brown beat the Huskers in the Big 12 championship game on that fluke dump off pass........I still can't watch it. So here is my 10-second review on Texas.

Colt McCoy average, wake me up when Chiles takes over. Forrest Whittaker at RB or just another Spring game star and 5 star recruit for Horns. Average WR. Mammoth OL speaking of Mammoth, check out Ghost of the Russian Empire " Mammoth" in stores now.

4 returning starters, will still be above average. Mack Brown......

As you can see I am very not interested in anything to do with Longhorn so for up to the minute updates please see my partner....

Damn you James Brown.

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J.Pike said...

Mack recruited Ghost Dog?! Sweet..