2008 Games To Watch

If you only have 10 hours this whole season to sit down and watch football, these are three games you should watch. Not only will these games have a direct effect on the national title race, they will each feature some of college football's most storied programs competing at their highest level.

September 13
Ohio State at USC
In case you haven't heard, Ohio State is taking a little trip out west early this season. This is a rare non-conference matchup between two teams that have legitimate national title aspirations. Ohio State has been embarrassed by SEC teams in the past two national championship games - will USC's speed be able to do the same?
Early hedge: Ohio State won't be run off the field again. Although USC has the speed of those SEC teams, they don't have the same experience. In this September matchup, Ohio State's ball control offense and loaded defense will be enough to keep them in the game and take the crowd out of it.

October 11
Texas vs Oklahoma
Everybody knows the recent history of this rivalry. Bob Stoops owns Mack Brown. This game has determined the Big XII South champion for the last several seasons, and it has also played a role in the national title picture as well. 2008 will be no exception. The athleticism on the field will be impressive.
Early hedge: Oklahoma will be the favorite heading into this game. It was the same story last season and Texas hung with the Sooners to the final gun. Texas has improved this off-season, but has Oklahoma?

November 1
Florida vs Georgia
This one is so big it has the potential to go down as one of the most legendary showdowns since KITT battled KARR on national television. After last year's showdown produced a team celebration on the field after Georgia scored their first touchdown, and a written response from Urban Meyer in his book, there should be no shortage of buildup for this game.
Early hedge: These two teams are just good enough that the game on the field might actually surpass the immense hype. This will be a game where you can just sit back and enjoy two teams playing at their peaks because neither one wants to lose to the other. I can't wait for this one.

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