Big East - RB Rankings

1. LeSean McCoy, Pittsburgh
If you don't know who LeSean McCoy is yet, you will soon. The sophomore running back is one of the best in the land with an excellent combination of speed, agility, and vision. There isn't anything he can't do.

2. Noel Devine, West Virginia
Noel Devine grabbed all the headlines with his high school highlight reel, but he proved those were no flukes by providing highlight reel runs as a freshman at West Virginia last season. His rare speed and agility seems to be unmatched on the college level right now, and he'll be an upgrade over the departed Steve Slaton - who was possibly the most overrated college player of the last decade.

3. Donald Brown/Andre Dixon, UConn
These two split time and are both solid backs.

* Kordell Young/Mason Robinson, Rutgers - Just because Ray Rice is gone doesn't mean Rutgers isn't going to run the football any more. Both of these backs will have the opportunity to fill his shoes this season.
* Curtis Brinkley/Delone Carter, Syracuse - These two highly touted backs have missed most of their careers so far because of constant injuries. If one or both can stay healthy, they'll have the opportunity to save coach Greg Robinson's job by providing the offense with at least the threat of a weapon.

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