BP25- #16 Illinois Fighting Illni

The Juice did it, I knew he did it all along, he could beat the Buckeyes in Columbus! All the evidence was there, such as leading the team to its second winning record in 7 years and looks to continue winning as long as he is there. The gloves fit also with the great Arrelious Benn showing off that #1 WR out of High School was not a fluke and he will make giant steps this year to position himself for a potential NFL paycheck. Covering up the evidence of a great rushing attack will be hard to do and very messy. Mendenhall was the glue on this team and his successors are well below his production levels, so the Juice will have to run like a white bronco to led this team on the ground to where they want to go.

The Defense Team held a strong case last year and helped do just enough to win ball games but with only 6 returning starters this is a area where Ron Zook recruiting(in his 4th year all his recruits) will be leaned upon due to a very flimsy alibi. J Leman will be missed but only on his lunch pail antics The front seven are strong and could be the best Zook has had, the only question mark is the secondary, Vontae Davis returns but that's it. The alibi has major flaws in it as they open with a Chase in Missouri, which leads to REVENGE @ Pennsylvania St, REVENGE @ Wisconsin and finally wraps up at REVENGE Ohio St and REVENGE Northwestern. So as you can see the Juice could do it, you just have to look at the whole picture.......I am talking about Illni Football Right?

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J.Pike said...

If Martez doesn't hit - you must acquit.