Week 7 Picks against the spread

Well last week was the second week in a row I finished over 55% and the goal will be 70% this week. Here is the standings so far:

The Sledge 139-128-9 (52%)
The Experts 129-138-9 (48%)

Tuesday Game
Florida Atl +3.5 vs Troy, LOSS
Ever since Howie chimed in at the Longhorns Rusty has slipped big time.

Thursday Games:
Clemson +2.5 @ Wake Forest, LOSS
Note to self don't fall for Tommy Bowden and Clemson again, also Wake is just disciplined enough to win the ACC.

Houston -18 vs UAB, WIN
Case Keenum has already thrown for over 2800 and 21 td and 5 pix, not bad for a conference USA contender...

Memphis +6.5 vs Louisville
Arkelon Hall of the Decepticons will beat the overrated Hunter "noodler" Cantwell.

Virginia +6 vs E. Carolina
Wow the dream ended fast, Patrick Pinkney went from the next Darrell Hackney to Reggie Ball.

W.Virginia -24 vs Syracuse
Syracuse is horrible, Jarrett Brown shows off some skills and starts the controversy. Pat White is so soft and fragile, like a glass ostrich....huh?

Indiana +6 vs Iowa
Kellen Lewis plays well enough to keep it close, typical Big 10 game, come down to last play and both teams under 20 points.

Illinois -12.5 vs Minnesota
This Juice will not be put in Jail by the Gophers this weekend, The Illni are finally putting it together and will be dangerous the rest of the year. Arrelious Benn is a hoss, and give some love to the Gophers for at least being in the Big 10 Conversation this year.

Michigan St -1.5 @ Northwestern
Underrated game of the day, but Sparta will call in Javonious Ringeralous to keep the Big 10 title still in the picture.

Oklahoma -6.5 vs Texas
My partner has his horns, and I have my #1 team, we will find out on Saturday. nuff said for more review on this see my partners great breakdown below.

Army +1 vs E Michigan
Who cares go with the Cadets in support for our troops.

Bayor -4.5 vs Iowa St.
Gene Chizick has the Clones improving but Robert Griffin finally will have a team he can expose to get the win.

S. Carolina -1 @ Kentucky
I know Kentucky played Bama tough but letdown will be on the Menu and S Carolina only fumbles against the ranked teams.

W Michigan +1.5 vs Buffalo
I hope I am wrong per gotta give love to T-GILL, but W Michigan is playing really well right now and are primed to run the table.

Mississippi St +2.5 vs Vanderbuilt
Another let down game Vandy coming off possibly the biggest win in school history will have reality hit them in face by a underachieving Miss St. Jason your Bulldogs finally bring something.

Utah -23 @ Wyoming
Utah must make a statement with the fodder of the Mtn West to have a chance to go BCS bowling, Wyoming is such fodder.

Texas A&M +3 vs Kansas St.
Yes A'M will get there first win, they played a little better in the second half against OSU and It's no longer me and Stephen McGee but bring on another mobile QB to save the day Jerrod Johnson.

C. Michigan -7.5 vs Temple
Al Golden has improved the Owls to at least be competitive but now the stamina kicks in and Temple just doesn't have it. CMU rolls.

Ohio St. -18.5 vs Purdue
Beanie and T-PRY will make a statment in this one per Purdue has Painter and that is all we need to know.

TCU -15.5 @ Colorado St.
I know Colorado St. is playing better, but TCU is for real. Horned Frogs jump early and often against the Rams.

Missouri -14 vs Oklahoma St.
I really want to take OSU in this one, but they just don't have enough defensively to stop Chase and Dash, and Missouri has just enough defense to hold OSU under 24.

Georgia -11.5 vs Tennessee
The Vols were one of my sleeper teams this year and they haven't woke up yet, Bulldogs smash Tennessee in effort to get votes to redeem for the Bama loss.

USC -27.5 vs Arizona St.
With Rudy or Without Rudy, Mitch "Megadeth" Mustain( who is better then Sanchez) will cover against ASU. The Dennis Erickson story book is over.

Oregon -17.5 vs UCLA
Lets see plug in QB #4, yep that will be enough against the Bruin and Prick Neuwhatever...

Michigan -16.5 vs Toledo
The young Wolves get a doormat finally and they will roll over the Rocket.

Notre Dame +7.5 @ N. Carolina
I think N. Carolina will win, but it will be closer then the 7, Brandon Tate is worth the ticket alone.

Auburn -18.5 vs Arkansas
Lets see fire a inefficient Offensive Coordinator mix that with a Mobile QB full time(Kodi Burns), sprinkle a little Bobby Petrino and you have yourself a offensive explosion. All systems are up for Auburn now.

N Mexico St. +19 @ Nevada
Holbrook and AJ Davis will keep this closer then most think.

N Illinois -11 vs Miami OH
Where is Big Ben when you need him, Huskies represent at Home. But Dan Nicholson is on my worthless QB hit list.

BYU -23 vs N Mexico
Suprisingly enough our man Donovan Potrerie was knocked out then the Lobo go Loco and win two straight. But Mad Max will end that story quickly. Cougars have a look ahead factor with TCU, but they are to disciplined to let that affect this one.

Washington St. +30 @ Oregon St.
Just a hunch on this one 30 is too much, I know the Bearcats are playing better but the coug's have enough to score two TD's and cover.

Arizona -6 @ Stanford
Last call all aboard the Wildcat bandwagon other then the N Mexico debacle they have blown out everyone else. Stanford has regressed a little as of late. Willie Tuitama is for real.

Akron +1 vs Bowling Green
Bowling Green is about the most inconsitent team going right now, no offense Clemson, but they beat Pitt in the opener and then lose to E Michigan??? Go with the Zips.

Ohio -1.5 @ Kent St.
This is a must win for Solich and Co. in order fight for what shred of Bowl hopes are left, Solich pulls out the must win.

Rutgers +7.5 @ Cincinnati
Rutgers is not this bad are they? Was Ray Rice that important? Not sure about those two questions but no Tony Pike for the Bearcat, this is a must win for Rutgers if they want to go to a Bowl.

Texas Tech -20.5 vs Nebraska
The Huskers are my team, but this will get ugly very fast, in protest of the defense I won't be watching this one. But Bo has them at least motivated. Wow has the program fallen that far behind everyone else in just 4 years. F U Bill Callahan!

Colorado +14 @ Kansas
I think Colorado is better then most think and Kansas is a little overrated, this will be closer then the two TD's.

Penn St. -5.5 @ Wisconsin
Penn St is for real, the badgers will not be anything but a good team this year per very average QB play. Allen Everidge you made the list.

Miami Fla -17 vs UCF
The Young canes will show up in this one, but Randy Shannon better get a blowout here or else the hot seat will be delivered.

Florida -6 vs LSU
Tebow and Jean Francois have been jawing all week but Chris Rainey and Harvin will be just a little better then Scott and Holiday. Also Redshirt freshman QB Jarrett Lee makes his debut in the swamp and debuts for opposing team Freshman QB usually ends up bad. Go with the Gators to causing BCS chaos.

S Jose St. -14 vs Utah St.
Mobile QB Kyle Reed will keep the overachieving Spartans good mojo going.

Tulsa -25 vs SMU
Tulsa is absoulutely crushing teams, SMU is not ready for prime time yet. Tulsa continues it's destruction.

Boise St. -10.5 @ S. Mississippi
What calling for a win for Boise outside the blue field? Yep, I know they have Damien Fletcher, but other then that they got nothing.

UTEP -4.5 vs Tulane
UTEP headed upward Tulane moving down. The Trend continues.

Air Force -10 @ S Diego St.
San Diego St hasn't had anything since Faulk, Air Force does their workmanlike offense that will wear S Diego down.

Fresno St. -34 vs Idaho
If any team needs a cupcake its Fresno. If Fresno doesn't blow them out by at least 30, the team is done.

LA Tech +7.5 @ Hawaii
Can you believe if you are student in the WAC you get a trip to Hawaii every other year. The Bulldogs will enjoy the sights, drink the pina colada and beat the Rainbow.

Ball St. -15.5 @ W Kentucky
This has all the makings of WKU making it tough for Ball St., but the Cardinal is for real and it will be interesting if they run the table where they will end up.

UL-Monroe +12.5 @ Arkansas St.
Double digits in the Sun Belt, take the points and move on.

Middle Tennessee St. +1.5 @ FIU
Joe Craddock will put the Panthers back where they belong.

UNT +21.5 vs UL Lafayette
I can't believe I am doing this but they have to be due to cover don't they? I know UL-Lafayette has the Top Rushing offense in the nation, but UNT still sucks but they suck just enough to cover.

There it is, hopefully another strong week. Let me know what you think on these.


J.Pike said...

Give me Iowa State to beat Baylor straight up; Buffalo will beat Western Michigan because they aren't a great road team; Good call on A&M - I actually like Mike Sherman and can't stand Ron Prince; I've got Colorado State as my upset special over TCU; totally agree with you about Auburn.

Two disagreements: Always pick the opponents to cover against Washington State and North Texas until they prove you should pick otherwise. That's my rule of thumb and I went with it this week.

J.Pike said...

Oh yeah - My Croom-Dogs are going to pull it out!