Two of my Best Ideas Ever

Idea #1

The Houston Texans of the NFL have a problem. They have two quarterbacks, but neither one of them can seem to get the job done. Matt Schaub is the designated starter, but he's not much more than a serviceable player. In fact, he's prone to big mistakes and terrible throws. BUT Schaub has a history of being solid in the clutch. Sage Rosenfels on the other hand is a consistently solid player UNTIL it comes down to key moments late in the game (see the meltdown he suffered against Indianapolis two weeks ago).

Now, I'm not a Houston Texans fan by any means, but I figure if I can pass along some great advice to a franchise that is in desperate need of a breakthrough of any kind, I figure I might as well help them out. So here's the idea:

In the spirit of the Major League Baseball playoffs, I propose the Texans use their two quarterbacks like baseball teams use pitchers. Since Rosenfels is good throughout most of the game and fails down the stretch, make him the starter. Tell him you want 3+ solid quarters out of him and then bring in the closer, Matt Schaub. Schaub can be trusted not to blow a double digit lead in one quarter, so let him get the "save" and close out the game.

Idea #2

This isn't an idea as much as it is an open letter to Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

Dear Jim James,
It is my lifelong dream as a soon to be 31-year old male to see a live Rickroll. If you don't know what a Rickroll is, you aren't the Jim James I know, but here's a LINK to the explanation anyway.

I figure the live Rickroll could work very similar to the online version: advertise for a big My Morning Jacket show, maybe with the Chicago Symphony as you guys are known to do from time to time. Then when the audience shows up all ready for another epic MMJ show, send Rick Astley out to perform his signature hit. I can't think of anything more hilarious than the looks on the faces in the crowd!

Now, Mr. James, I'm writing to you because (a) I know you guys are banking right now and you can probably afford to pay Mr. Astley for three and a half minutes of his time, and (b) because I know you're just crazy enough to do it.

Please take this idea under advisement as I believe it could go down as the greatest moment in Rickrolling history, as well as maybe warrant a footnote in rock and roll history.

Jason Pike of Pikes Picks

P.S. If you could avoid the obnoxiousness on your next album I would greatly appreciate it.

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