Gameday Commentary - 8 pm

*Tony Franklin's offense is an abomination. Tommy Tuberville, if you want to win any more games in the SEC this year, you better get control of the offense because otherwise Franklin is going to keep running Chris Todd out there in the shotgun to go 3-and-out for all of infinity. The only time the Auburn offense has moved the ball today is when Ben Tate lined up in the Ace formation and ran the ball down hill (obviously Tuberville's influence). Tate picked up 9 first downs in that fashion. But with Franklin running his preferred offense the remaining 75% of the game, Auburn only produced about 5 first downs and 10+ penalties. Auburn's offense is a joke, and Tony Franklin is looking like a terrible hire so far.

*On a similar topic that will further emphasize Tony Franklin's hard-headedness, Vanderbilt's secondary is legit. D.J. Moore, Myron Lewis, Reshard Langford, and the rest of that group are all big and athletic, and they completely dominated Auburn's receivers tonight. Great win for Vanderbilt.

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Fire Franklin said...

Preach it. It is embarrassing. I had my plea to fire Tony Franklin up about the same time as the clock hit 0. I had hope that the tigers would pull it out by some miracle.

We wont be the only ones calling Tommy out on Franklin.