Gameday Commentary - 12:30 pm

*Iowa State is looking really good so far against Kansas. Gene Chizik might be even further along in his rebuilding plans than I expected. If they can hold on against Kansas (up 20-0 in the middle of the second quarter) it would be a great win.

*Robert Griffin needs some help. Griffin has breathtaking athletic ability and Baylor is playing a lot harder for Art Briles than they have in the past, but Oklahoma is just waaaay better.

*Usually the home fans are always rooting for their team to go for it on fourth down, but here's a random PREDICTION: Mike Leach will be the first head coach in the history of football to get booed for GOING FOR IT on fourth down. Leach is one of the rare exceptions where the fans might actually be smarter than the head coach when it comes to decisions like that.

*Penn State is a team to be reckoned with. They aren't playing great against Purdue so far (10-0 lead early second half), but you can just see that they have all the pieces to make a serious run at the Big Ten title. They have the makeup of a team that can win even on an off day, and the skill and toughness to beat anybody when they are on top of their game.

*Florida on the other hand is looking more and more like that loss to Ole Miss wasn't a fluke. Urban Meyer's offense is in neutral because apparently Tim Tebow isn't the "greatest player of our generation." The Gators are struggling against a bad Arkansas team early.

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