JP25 Update

South Florida has been overrated all season, so it was nice to see them finally get knocked off. Some of that probably had to do with George Selvie's lingering ankle injury, but you've got to be more than a one-man team if you're going to live in the top 25 consistently.

At the top of the poll I had to think about who to put at number one. Penn State has just about moved equal with Alabama at the top in my mind. The Nittany Lions proved this weekend they can win handily even when they aren't on top of their games.

Top 25 (last week, record)
1. Alabama (1, 6-0)
2. Penn State (2, 6-0)
3. Texas (3, 5-0)
4. Oklahoma (4, 5-0)
5. Missouri (6, 5-0)
6. Georgia (5, 4-1)
7. LSU (7, 4-0)
8. USC (8, 3-1)
9. Ohio State (10, 5-1)
10. Florida (9, 4-1)
11. BYU (11, 5-0)
12. Utah (14, 6-0)
13. Vanderbilt (20, 5-0)
14. Wisconsin (16, 3-2)
15. Texas Tech (15, 5-0)
16. Illinois (19, 3-2)
17. Tulsa (21, 5-0)
18. Oregon (13, 4-2)
19. Kansas (18, 4-1)
20. Auburn (12, 4-2)
21. Virginia Tech (22, 5-1)
22. North Carolina (23, 4-1)
23. Georgia Tech (--, 4-1)
24. California (25, 4-1)
25. Boise State (--, 4-0)

Dropped Out: South Florida (17), Maryland (24)
Just Missed The Cut: Arizona, Michigan State, Wake Forest, Florida State, Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, South Florida


B.Pike said...

Wisconsin and Oregon still in the poll? The Badgers will have to beat the Lions to get back in mine, and Oregon the Duckies are done....Also still a little high for Illinois, but Juice has it going in the right direction and with a win over my underrated Gophers might be back in the Top 25. Oklahoma 4th I know there is something against the Boomer but under Texas, I guess we will see this weekend. I have Florida a little lower and you may have them just right, If they take care of LSU they will move up big.

J.Pike said...

I'm being generous to Oklahoma. We'll see after this weekend...

You have to have Illinois in the poll. Their only two losses were to #3 and #4. Otherwise they have played pretty well. They'll be back in your poll after they HANDLE your little Gophers.

LSU/Florida will be a great measuring stick game for both teams.

J.Pike said...

Also, I'm giving Oregon the benefit of the doubt with their injury situation. I still think they are the second best team in the Pac-10, hence they are still in the poll.