Football for Breakfast

It might be Week Eight of the college football season, but it’s Week One in J.Pike’s new Saturday headquarters. As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently bought a house. Well, we got the cable and internet set up, so this will be the first of what will surely be many football watching Saturdays in the new place. There are still several items left out of the equation, such as a place to sit and a grill to make my own brisket, but these two issues should be remedied in the very near future.

While I get comfortable in my spot on the floor, here’s a few more picks:

Wake Forest 24, Maryland 17
As my partner said, take the fundamentally sound Demon Decons over the wildly inconsistent Terrapins.

Purdue 30, Northwestern 27
Joe Tiller’s needling of Curtis Painter in the media will finally pay off. No, Painter won’t play any better, but the offensive coordinator will decide to give the ball to his talented tailback Kory Sheets more than usual. That plus a surprisingly decent defense will get the Boilers a much needed win.

Connecticut 27, Rutgers 20
Rutgers has a good chance to pick up their first win over a Division 1-A opponent this season since UConn QB Tyler Lorenzen is sitting out due to injury. But Husky running back Dennis Brown will be too much for the stunting Scarlet Knights. He might be held to no gain several times, but when Rutgers blitzes the wrong hole Brown will make them pay.

Wisconsin 29, Iowa 15
Wisconsin’s schedule played a big part of their recent “struggles”, but Iowa has been struggling for years now. I expect the Wisconsin defense to set the tone early by exposing the Hawkeyes’ average-at-best quarterback play. That will allow P.J. Hill and John Clay to run the Iowa defense ragged, control the clock, and put Wisconsin back on the right track.

Nebraska 32, Iowa State 23
Nebraska’s woes in the secondary will be evident early in this game, but the Husker offense will take control in the second half and Bo Pelini will make the necessary adjustments to get Nebraska back on the plus side of .500.

Navy 23, Pittsburgh 21
These are exactly the kind of ballgames Dave Wannstedt’s Panthers have lost the past couple seasons. Just when they are starting to pick up momentum, they’ll catch a solid fundamental football team like Navy and lay an egg. The Navy backfield of quarterback Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada Nahasapeemapetilon and running back Shun White don’t have the talent of their counterparts, but they’ll outshine them today with their deadly efficient triple option attack.

Stanford 29, UCLA 26
I’m hesitant to pick this game because it seems like every time I pick either one of these teams to win, they end up losing. UCLA is once again suffering through an injury plagued season, so I think the feisty Stanford bunch will be able to pick up the road win.

Colorado 36, Kansas State 23
Colorado has another year to go before they are a player in the North, but at least the Buffs are headed in the right direction. Kansas State fans can tell you they’re due for another lifeless performance.

Washington 26, Oregon State 24
This is a total hunch pick. Everything in my head says Oregon State wins handily. But I have a feeling Ty Willingham’s squad will find a way to get their first win of the season.

Tennessee 26, Mississippi State 12
Check it out Brent – I’m picking against My Bulldogs! Tennessee quarterback Nick Stephens is starting to get comfortable in his role as the starting quarterback, so the Vols will score a bit more than the pathetic 11.3 points they have averaged the last four weeks. Eric Berry and company shouldn’t have any troubles shutting down the anemic Croomdawg offense.

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