7 on 7 Drills

In a week that saw us agree on only three of seven games, Brent was able to close my lead to just one game. My upset pick (Tennessee over Alabama) didn't work out so well, and my vengeance pick (Kansas over Texas Tech) was even worse. At least my Nittany Lions took care of Brent's Buckeyes and knocked them out of the national title race for good.

1. Alabama 29, Tennessee 9
Brent: Alabama
Jason: Tennessee
2. Florida St. 30, Virginia Tech 20
Brent: Florida State
Jason: Virginia Tech
3. USC 17, Arizona 10
Brent: USC
Jason: USC
4. Texas Tech 63, Kansas 21
Brent: Texas Tech
Jason: Kansas
5. Texas 28, Oklahoma State 24
Brent: Texas
Jason: Texas
6. Georgia 52, LSU 38
Brent: Georgia
Jason: Georgia
7. Ohio State 13, Penn State 6
Brent: Ohio State
Jason: Penn State

Brent6-1 (85.7%)
Jason4-3 (57.1%)

Jason41-22 (65.1%)
Brent40-23 (63.5%)

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B.Pike said...

I am coming back watch out for the rest of the year JP